HM Passport Office needs some serious encouragement

UPDATE MONDAY – The Her Majestys Passport Office call centre agent on Friday was lying.

We called again today to confirm the details which seemed too good to be true.  They were.  The documents are indeed in Liverpool.  That part was confirmed again, although we’ve never received a text message or anything else to tell us our application is finally successfully lodged.

The agent on Friday also told us that the documents had been inspected and passed by an Examiner.  This seemed too good to be true.  It was.  That was not correct, as the documents we are told this morning are still undergoing inspection.

Call centre agents are rated by how long their calls last.  A few of them will give you any old bullshit to get you off the line to keep their earnings up, even lying to you about the progress of your passport application, to get you to back down.  There are so many of them in the call centres, and it would be almost pointless to put in a formal complaint about being lied to, when all you want is to know the progress of your passport.  We can’t even remember his name now.  Was it even his correct name?  How would we know?  We’re still hopeful of a result but disappointed that we were given wrong information on Friday.

UPDATE FRIDAY – Great news today.  The documents are now logged into the HMPO computer, although strangely they are showing as being processed in Liverpool.  We sent them to Peterborough.  Never mind.  They’ve been examined and they’ve been passed by the Examiner, we are informed by the call centre.  

We will get to see our lovely daughter again fairly soon, after all.  Thanks to Mr Paterson MP for helping us by his secretary calling the Passport Office on our behalf using the MP hotline phone.  I wonder if we would have got this far as quickly without this support.  We are very grateful.

EARLIER.  Our supporting documents sent to Peterborough were lost.  It took two weeks and they were found and turned up in Liverpool.  We never received any calls from anyone.  We chased every day, but with no visible progress and the documents disappearing into thin air, we called our MP to assist.  All Peterborough did was call us and suggest we had used an incorrect postcode.  We hadn’t.



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  1. Gordon Logan says:

    Hi Tap, You may remember that back in 2009 my Chinese wife was tricked [sic] into leaving the UK without a return visa. After two refusals you were good enough to post two articles that I wrote: one about the the assassination of Robin Cook, the other about Blair’s involvement with a male prostitute (Jeff Gannon) in Washington in 2003. Gannon was a regular in the White House and turned out to be Johnny Gosch, who had been kidnapped in the street twenty years earlier. To cut a long story short, within 48 hours my wife got a call from the visa office telling her to send them her passport and they would give her a visa. So has considerable clout given the right sort of material.

  2. Tapestry says:

    We have no real idea how many people read the blog. The stats look very odd most of the time. In the last two days a new pattern was observed, with overnight being unusually busy (if true). The post that was possibly getting high reads might be the one about Trump’s mother, MaryAnne. The numbers reading are enough to make some agencies wish to improve their performance. I hope we benefit from a similar improvement, Gordon.

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