Grenfell Tower remembered – and a warning of who could be hurt next.

On 14th June 2017 Grenfell Tower was observed burning from the Downs where Ian Crane is standing this morning.  The London Fire Brigade, unforgiveably, was instructing residents to stay in their apartments, which resulted in many extra deaths.  They clearly did not have a coherent plan for such an event taking place.

It was preventable disaster.

The wrong cladding had been put on the tower.  Residents were warning of the fire hazard the tower had become.  These residents who tried to flag up their concerns were bullied by the Council and ostracised.  Exposed gas pipes were visible outside the apartments.  Only one stairwell.  No sprinklers.  A sprinkler system would only have cost £100,000 for the whole tower.  Warnings were being given to the Minister, saying this action should be taken.

In the same vein, Cuadrilla’s well site at Preston New Rd, Lancashire is another disaster waiting to happen, like Grenfell Tower.  Questions have been submitted asking what plans are in place to deal with a possible blowout.  No replies have been forthcoming.  More details are in the video.  Catastrophe beckons.

At PNR there are zero emergency plans in place.  Who is remiss at not producing these plans?  Greg Clark and James Brokenshire are here put on notice that if they sign off a frack at Preston New Rd, without an emergency plan in place, they will be held personally responsible for deaths, injuries and damage to property resulting.  Now is the time to address the hazards of allowing Cuadrilla to frack, when last time they caused a number of earthquakes damaging many homes and public buildings.  They are a cowboy outfit, with no plans of what they will do when all goes wrong.  Here is Grenfell Tower all over again.

More on this on Fracking Nightmare on Tuesday night.  People living on the Fylde Peninsula should take note.  Their area is being put at risk by the government who are offering nothing if a massive emission of toxic gases occurs.  There is no evacuation plan.  The drill is imminent.  Greg Clark must stop the drill.  No one in local schools knows what to do if there is a serious blowout.  James Brokenshire/Greg Clark should be tightening their buttocks right now.  Act before the disaster occurs this time.


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