Third World Britain. The people of Preston are being sacrificed.

CUADRILLA have submitted an application to GREG CLARK MP (Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy), to FRACK at their Preston New Road (Nr Blackpool) wellsite … despite there NOT being any EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLANS in place! THIS is another GRENFELL TOWER disaster awaiting GREG CLARK’s signature … He & Communities Minister, James Brokenshire MP WILL be guilty of ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ IF they sign off on this application without a FULL RISK ANALYSIS and an effective EMERGENCY RESPONSE PLAN being communicated throughout the Local Community.

What’s going on?  Why are people being sacrificed so the big boys can make money?  Britain is now a Third World country…….

The people who caused the tragedy of Grenfell Tower should face trial.  But will they?

The same behaviour of gross irresponsibility with other peoples’ lives is taking place around fracking sites.  British Gas (Cuadrilla) has applied to Greg Clark, Energy Minister, to frack at PNR, but there are no coherent plans in place for what actions will be taken in the event of a catastrophe.  Here is Grenfell Tower number 2 in the making.  The individuals like Greg Clark, if they proceed to place lives at risk in such irresponsible manner, must be held accountable and put on trial.  They must not be allowed to hide behind their badge of office, uttering phrases like ‘Britain has gold standard regulations’ – which we don’t.  Think Piper Alpha, where there were few plans in place for the catastrophe that took place.  Gas industry is prone to catastrophes.  Ian Crane describes what the risks are that local people are facing around gas drilling operations.

Be warned.  Speak up now.  Get your MP to write to Greg Clark before lives are lost.  He should not be allowing this frack to take place, unless and until a plan is in place and people in the area all know what the plan is.  Secrecy must be ended right now.

Details of what is needed is listed out in this video.   The local Fire Services are manned by amateurs supporting a few professionals.  Knowledge of which chemicals are to be used is essential, yet the unconventional oil and gas industry will not disclose which chemicals it is using.  Training is therefore impossible.  It is a recipe for catastrophe in regards of which Minister Greg Clark is not acting responsibly.  Wake up.

Can people be evacuated?  Who by?  To where?  Who will coordinate an evacuation of the civilian population?  No one knows.


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