Gerard Batten Good Man

Tap, it seems you are correct. You suggested some weeks ago to back Batten. Here he is interviewed by Tommy Robinson, currently in the news and prison. Both men are viewed as right-wing verging on racist to a larger or lesser degree by various commentators. I suspect neither are and certainly not Batten who comes across as a very reasonable chap. If the UKIP support were to get behind him, he might be worth a vote.

I’d trust Batten over and above May or most MP’s at Westminster.

Tommy Meets: UKIP Leader Gerard Batten


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Nice find, Ned. If UKIP would go with the anti-frackers, they’d power up.

  2. stevie k says:

    He seems a lot more honest than your usual politician, I’d like to hear his views on subjects like the Bradbury Pound and the many Gladio style operations that have been happening around the world before I make up my mind. As for Tommy Robinson I’m still undecided although I instinctively don’t trust someone who says he is proud to be a Zionist. Time I suppose will tell.

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