Fracking beneath mines. What could possibly go wrong?

The Unconventional Gas Industry de-humanises those who have the misfortune to live in their targeted ‘SACRIFICE ZONES’ by referring to Residents as ‘RECEPTORS’ … and the MOTHER-FRACKERS wonder why they are unable to gain Public Trust!!

The language of war.  How do you persuade soldiers to kill other human beings?  You give your ‘enemy’ dehumanised names like rag-heads, Bosh, Charlie or ‘The Cong’.

Fracking requires similar cognitive dissonance, with the industry categorising the anti-fracking movement as ‘ne’erdowells, undesirables and spongers on the public purse’.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  But those delivering the fracking weapon need their salary cheques and they have to twist their minds around, to the point that other human beings become disposable.

Many Police are unhappy at being used to force through the frackers’ agenda.  Populations will be driven out by pollution, or get ill and die where they live.

MP says Ineos well site is very close to two former mine entrances.  The Ineos lawyer actually said that there are no mine entrances ‘as close as 20 metres from the proposed well site’.  This raises the point that Ineos is proposing drills in the former mining areas across the north of England.  Methane release from old mine workings is already a problem with houses becoming uninhabitable.  Fracking will inevitably cause a lot more old mining methane release, let alone new methane release from their own workings.

The drill test well proposed by Ineos is only there as the first of a hundred other wells in the same area.  Otherwise the drill would not be financially viable.  Even then the gas runs out and the drilling companies goes bust eventually, having no regard to longterm environmental impacts.  Also very near to proposed site at Marsh Lane? are four holiday cottages.  Will trees be planted as a screen?  What about 5G and the need for trees to be felled to allow microwave signals?

Fracking areas are sacrifice zones.  There is no intention to permit life to continue.

The government is removing from local government any right to inspect or discuss the industry, as opposition is universal from anyone who researches this.  Any discussion or opposition will not be tolerated.  Democracy is being closed down – unless people get out there and oppose in person.  As Ian Crane and his team are doing.

Ian’s next court case is coming up on 10th and 11th July in front of Judge Pelling in Manchester Civil Courts.  Monday is the final day for submitting bundles.  Cuadrilla is applying for an injunction to shut down all opposition to the fracking proposed at Preston New Road, near Blackpool – where earlier attempts at fracking caused a series of earthquakes damaging properties, crashing the local economy and making an area uninhabitable.  If you live near the fracking site at Preston New Rd, this could be your last chance to save your family from being sacrificed.  Go active and fight back NOW!  There is a good chance of winning if you do.


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