Every time you see the word Occult, substitute the word Intelligence.

I have shown you that the witch and warlock trials of the 20th century were all faked (Manson family, Night Stalker, Johnny Hovey, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, etc.). Were the witch trails of the past also faked? It is a question to ask yourself. I won’t answer it here, since I don’t have time. I may look at it in more depth in a future paper. The first witch trials to look at would be the Salem witch trials, of course, since a lot of documentation exists for those.

But I see red flags before I even get there or log into Wikipedia, since I remember that Arthur Miller was hired to sell them in the 20th century. Strange that The Crucible came out in 1953. The Witchcraft Act was repealed in England in 1951 and Gerald Gardner started Wicca in 1954, so we already see the first signs of a project. Miller was Jewish and he was married to Marilyn Monroe, who faked her death in 1962. Miller was also involved in the House Un-American Activities Committee scam, being called before it in 1956. Since it involved alleged Communists working in the entertainment industry, since the entertainment industry was controlled by the CIA, and since Communism itself was an Intelligence project, we may deduce that all the HUAC events were manufactured. This would indicate Miller was an agent, which gets us started on the bigger question.

But I must leave that hanging and return to the 17th century. As I do that, I simply draw your attention to the fact that the Salem witch trials occurred in 1692.

That is also the 17th century. But we are returning not to Salem, but to Germany. Once there, we should find it curious that the Renaissance Church was not interested in witches until after 1484, when the Inquisition suddenly got involved. Up until then, the Church dismissed witches as ignorant pagans. So is it a coincidence that witch trials suddenly became popular at the same time that the Occult began being promoted by intellectuals, government officials, and Jewish bankers? We should ask why the government would promote the Occult via the Kabbalah, Hermetic writings, and mystery religions, and simultaneously convict witches of magic. Why would the same leaders promote the Occult and burn people at the stake for it? You will say it is because it wasn’t the same leaders doing the promoting and the convicting.

The Catholic Church was running the Inquisitions, while the enemies of Rome like the bankers and Kings were promoting the Occult. Yes, that is the correct answer, but it requires refinement. We have already seen that the Occult was cover for other things going on, so although we have the right parties, we don’t have the right casus belli. We lack the correct cause of the war between Rome and the Jewish bankers. Do you really think Rome didn’t know who its enemies were or what they were up to? Do you really think Rome didn’t know of the Jewish bankers and the State intellectuals promoting the Occult? Do you think they weren’t aware of British Intelligence or John Dee or Francis Bacon? The Vatican had its own spies and secret agencies, of course, and they were very well aware of who their enemies were.

They knew good and well that long-haired ladies in small villages or pretty wenches showing too much ankle were no threat to them. Nothing had changed in that regard between 1483 and 1484. Assuming anyone was really being tried and hung or burned, the ones being burned couldn’t have been witches. That was another cover story. They had to be either spies for the State, or covert operatives working against Rome. As you should read Intelligence whenever you see Occult, you should read Agent whenever your read Witch. Once we see the right answer, everything clicks.

Of course the agencies of the time couldn’t just admit they were killing spies, since to do that would be to blow their own cover. Until recently, Intelligence was fearful enough of its existence that it had to remain in the shadows. Only now is Intelligence so secure it can write about itself in the movies and on TV. Back then, cover was the first rule of existence, so the public reports could never tell the truth.

For the masses, Intelligence wasn’t even a word they knew. They knew about government officials, and some knew what spying was, but the idea that an entire arm of government operated completely in the black would never have occurred to them. It doesn’t occur to a lot of people now, and if it does occur to them they dismiss as it as either fanciful or beyond their comprehension. They would sooner believe in witches, and do.

Even today, most people are more comfortable talking to you about Witchcraft than talking to you about Intelligence. So, for many reasons, it was and is easier to tell people events involve the first rather than the second. They are more likely to believe the lie than the truth anyway. They would rather hear about witches than agents, so it works out for all parties.


TAP – Occult powers exist.  It is ‘intelligent’ to use such powers.  Satanic agendas exist and terrible abuse of children and animals as part of that ‘religion’.  A key part of ‘intelligence’ is to hide from humanity what powers are being used against us.  There is much truth is Miles Mathis, but much of crucial information is also hiding.  The ‘occult’ has important information that we need to know, and it won’t all have a tidy rational explanation.  Mathis is all left brain on many occasions.  Good work but what is missing more right brain input – curious in an artist.


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