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Jean-François Gariépy is apparently a PhD biologist, French Canadian, and seeking the truth as he frequently says. Apparently, e.g. following the French revolution, whites people were slaughtered and almost cleared out by Haitians.  ‘Frame Game’ is an anonymous Jew analysing global ethnicity and the influence of Israel… oh yes, all good politically correct BBC material here! It’s probably very anti-Semolinaic.

What’s to Come | w/ Frame Game TPS #31

JFG Livestreams
Streamed live on 28 May 2018
A special report by Frame Game on cities or nations that were previously white and/or christian and the consequences of the demographic changes that they have went through….
11:30 – Haiti
50:50 – Detroit
2:01:10 – Washington D.C
2:17:40 – Rhodesia, Zimbabwe
2:40:35 – Iran

This is the channel for the livestreams and hangouts of Jean-François Gariépy:


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