Cuadrilla (British Gas) litigate versus persons no longer unknown in their attempt to close down the Human Rights Act in Manchester Court.


Four people opposed Cuadrilla’ application for an injunction.  Their case was assembled in no time at all.  Benjamin and Sharon Dean did superb work in pulling all the arguments together.  Bob Dennett,  Jo Boyd, Thomas Burke, Darren Dennett.  A great team effort made a cohesive and coherent case against this attempt to shut down all peaceful protest against environment-threatening developments.  The next hearing is 10th July.

Five and a half years ago, when the moratorium was lifted, the industry trumpeted it would

proceed without social licence. 

They believed they could achieve social licence - i.e. public apathy or acquiescence.

They are now trying another tack – to shut down all democratic opposition, which is growing exponentially.

They now aim to neuter Articles 10/11 of Human Rights Act, which protect freedom of assembly, and freedom of expression,

by means of injunctions.

`See UKC news at 1pm.

The industry is targeting 30% of the UK, impacting the lives of 15 to 20 million people. 

Lady Justice Asplin acknowledged that Justice Morgan's judgement was going

to the Court Of Appeal. 

We will have to wait and see what happens, although Ian Crane says he has a gut instinct

as to what is likely to transpire.  Hearing at Manchester at 12 o clock protected by the

Tactical Aid Unit (today?).

Get down there.“““““““““““`

Also get down to Preston New Rd.  Raise awareness in the Fylde Peninsula.

Lock on yesterday at Marriots (?) against IGAS, against a supplier who is not working for Cuadrilla, although they tried to include this event in the case in Manchester.

Spontaneity of action is important.  No one should publicly announce intent, as that would help industry legal teams.

Tomorrow Crane will be at Misson Springs Protection Camp.


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