Assad interview with RT. Americans are going to leave Syria, as they quit Iraq.

Assad answers questions most intelligently.  He describes the terrorists as having no plan, so only force can deal with them.  Other militants can be persuaded to leave.

Many terrorists have gone to Idlib.

Assad says he will leave no area of Syrian soil outside government control.  This is an Al Nusra area which suggests these terrorists have the same way of thinking as Al Nusra.  MIlitarily it is easier to have the terrprists concentrated into Idlib.  These are Sunni Moslems.  These state and believe that Assad was killing Sunnis.   why do they believe this?

Assad says it is just a narrative created by the international media to facilitate the creation of war.  Go and see the reality on the ground.  Syria is not divided along sectarian lines.  In Homs, Damascus and all other areas under Syrian government control, you find every spectrum of Syrian society.  It is not true.

Assad says he will negotiate whenever he can save Syrian blood.  His willingness to negotiate has brought many reconciliations.  Some were forced to join the war against their own will.  Not all were idealists wanting to overthrow Assad.  Many hoped to make money.

‘How will you deal with the US presence?’

The US are losing their cards.  They called Al Nusra moderate, which they are not.  The terrorists are being defeated.

The US kill daily and are not trustworthy.  If there are no other options we will carry on liberating, Americans or not.

As regards the Israelis, we have lived under threat of Israeli aggression for seven decades.  Israel is in panic as they are losing ISIS and Al Nusra.

what about Israeli airstrikes?

Our air defences are much stronger than they were before, as proved against US, British and French attacks against Syria.

we are strengthening them further.

The US/Israelis claims they are attacking Iranian assets inside Syria.

Assad denies the presence of Iranian troops.  Syrians are being killed by these attacks, not Iranians.


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