America’s clandestine history from WW2 up to JFK exposed by someone who witnessed events

Missing pieces in the jigsaw.   Col Prouty was able to observe things missing from the history books, which he started speaking about a while ago.  He ended up setting up and running the CIA’s infrastructure around the world, secretly funded.  He retired in 1964.

He says conventional wars have become impossible due to the hydrogen bomb.   War has become covert.  Vietnam was a covert CIA operation ten years before US troops went in.  Huge sums of money were being made illegally in Vietnam, which was used to set up a bank in Australia.

Lansdale (CIA) overthrew the government in the Philippines (President Quirino) and replaced him with Magsaysay (later also assassinated).

He heard of plans to assassinate Kennedy.  He knew it was CIA.  Secret Service coverage at Dallas was removed prior to the JFK assassination.  Oswald a patsy.  LBJ says we operate Murder Inc., Oswald didn’t do it.  Nov 22nd was a controlled coup d’etat.  Vietnam plans were immediately reversed.  All the code books went missing in USAF planes that day.  Why were all his cabinet on the way to Tokyo that day?

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Pulled this out of my archives — I produced it for John Judge in 1992, and it’s as gripping to listen to now as it was then. Col. Prouty was a high level, military insider who saw what was going on behind the curtain. Definitely worth watching (or listening to) if you want to hear some REAL history. He talks about JFK, ‘Murder, Inc.’, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, how they smuggled Nazi intelligence officers into our military to help us start the cold war, and lots more. Plenty of eye openers here. Oh, the ‘high cabal’ is talked about, too.


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  1. stevie k says:

    I stopped listening when he started going on about the moon landings being real, he can’t be that well informed.

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