A Flock On. Sheep stop toilet delivery at Tinker Lane North Nottinghamshire.

Delivery driver complains he’s losing money by lock-on stopping the frackers from having a comfortable loo instead of crapping in the hedgerows.

These sheep don’t want to hurt local businesses, or cause a stink for local hedgerow-dwelling wildlife.

They want to save their community from the effects of fracking.

The world could be using hemp for power, but the corporatists won’t do so as they can’t control hemp, like they can, gas.

These sheep know about hemp, as do the oil and gas industry.  They don’t want the competition.

15 to 20 million people across the north of England are being targeted by the frackers.

Read Professor Peter Styles’ report about the potential seismic disruption to be caused by fracking, due to all the fault lines in the old coal ming areas.

No shit Sherlock.  Literally, today, thanks to the sheep dressed up as lock-on crew.

‘We’re not sheep,’ they say, although there are plenty more the same if the Coppers come and arrest anyone.

In fact the more they arrest, the more show up.

Great spirit in the people to fight the Satanic destruction of the environment, and the killing of millions of innocent and apparently unaware British people.

‘Baaaaaah,’ they say to the courts and their injunctions.  ‘Baaaaaaaah!’


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