Will 9/11 Be Brought Before A Grand Jury?

Yes, we Tap minded readers know this ‘old’ story… but, this is a widely watched popular show and David Knight probably well respected; for my money he certainly puts most BBC presenters to shame. If 9/11 does go before a Grand Jury, dare I suggest better late than never? They mention how Donald Trump on the day suspected explosions. David mentions the new CIA Director Gina Haspell now decrying the use of torture where previously Trump has said may be torture works. This is Trump deal strategy. Even Patrick Henningsen at 21st Century Wire refers to ‘Trump Magic’ and Pat is hardly a Trump sycophant. I bet my betting £fiver Trump knows 9/11 is a scam, but he has to approach it carefully like everything else or risk losing. Trump is a strategic, not linear, thinker. As Your Voice America’s Bill Mitchell says, Trump goes with his intuition to an extent even he does not necessarily know why he says and does things. Is he ultimately a Rothschild bailed out and bought puppet? Watch this space…

Interesting times. Energy flows where attention goes. Can I suggest we accentuate the positive and with that I dance with Frank Sinatra resonating between my lugs.

Lawyers Begin Grand Jury Process for 911 Inquiry

Frank Sinatra – Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive


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