How American ‘Independence’ was stolen. The missing Chapter from the book ‘The International Conspiracy’.

The history of how the international money-lenders obtained economic control of the United States is decidedly interesting….the Bank Of England appointed one of its hirelings named Alexander Hamilton, to represent their interests in the United States.  In 1780, this man, a supposed patriot, proposed the establishment of a Federal Bank.  It was to be owned by PRIVATE INTERESTS as an alternative to those who insisted the issue and control of money should remain in the hands of the government elected by the people.

Hamilton – the man who enslaved America from the beginning without hardly anyone knowing.

Alexander Hamilton proposed that this suggested bank should be capitalized for $12,000,000.  The Bank Of England would provide $10,000,000, the remaining $2,000,000 would be allocated to wealthy people in America.  In 1783 Alexander Hamilton, and his business partner Robert Morris, organized The Bank Of America.  As Financial Superintendent of the Continental Congress, Morris was able to reduce the United States Treasury to a state of indigence by the end of seven years of war.

This was another illustration of how the Secret Power uses wars to further their plan for the World Revolutionary Movement.  To make absolutely sure the United Sates’ Financial Cupboard was bare, Hamilton transferred the last $250,000 from the Treasury Department, and invested in the bank’s Capital Stock.  The directors of The Bank Of America were agents of The Bank Of England.  The Illuminati controlled both.

The fact that they sold their souls to Satan in order to gain the world is the truth they wish to conceal.

The ‘Fathers Of American Independence’ realized that if the Directors of The Bank Of England obtained monopolistic control of America’s money system, they would recover any money they had lost, by the simple process of mortgage and foreclosure.

The net result of this struggle for the economic control of the nation was that Congress refused to grant The Bank Of America a charter.

Benjamin Franklin died in in 1790, and the agents of the international Jewish money-lenders immediately made another bid to obtain control of America’s finances.  They succeeded in having Alexander Hamilton appointed Secretary Of The Treasury.  Hamilton had the Government charter the Bank, which his principals had been clamouring for.

It was then a simple matter to usurp the rights to issue currency based on public and private debts.  The most forceful argument the bankers’ agents used to defeat their opposition was that money issued by Congress, on the credit of the nation, would be valueless in dealing abroad; while money obtained on loan from the bankers, at interest, would be welcomed as legal security in all kinds of transactions.

Thus the public fell prey to the exploitation of the men who professed to be their friends.   Hamilton and Morris were never more than the hirelings of the international money-lenders.


While American citizens were used as Front Men by the international bankers, policy was determined in Europe.

TAP – America was never a free country from the very beginning.  The ‘Land of the Free’  never was.  Economic slavery applied to all from the start.

What happened to Hamilton –

The new Bank was capitalised for $35,000,000.  Of this amount $28,000,000 was subscribed by European bankers, which the Rothschilds controlled (TAP – i.e. 80%).  It is suspected that the international bankers decided that Hamilton knew too much, and couldn’t be trusted any longer  (TAP – got greedy?).  He was inveigled into a duel with an expert named Aaron Burr, who acted as his executioner.


This extract comes from the missing chapter 5, of Pawns In The Game (also titled ‘The International Conspiracy’), called ‘The American Revolution’. By William Guy Carr.  written in 1958.

Chapter 5 is nowhere to found online – mysteriously deleted out of the book which is available in many places as a pdf.  This information is not wanted.  Read it please, as I have to type it out myself!   You can see here that America was 80% owned by Europeans from the very beginning and was never independent at all.  The rest of the book is very much recommended.


The First Article of the US Constitution says that Congress has the right to issue coin and regulate its value. So what happened?



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  1. Alan B says:

    I’ve recently purchased “Pawns In The Game”(2nd edition), as one part of a two-part book called “The Money Power”. I can confirm that the original chapter five is missing.

    Chapter five is now titled: Monetary Manipulation. It doesn’t refer to anything before 1815.

    A very good reason to get original copies where possible as the truth gets “updated” in modern versions and on the web.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Thanks, Alan. That’ll save me a lot of work!

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