What is your awareness score?

How aware are you?

What news stories do you believe to be true?

How shocked are you by what’s being done in your name?

Ian R Crane gives you some pointers as to your awareness level.

Ian’s awareness score is approaching 100%.   His bravery 110%.

Boris Johnson runs out of Parliament rather than answer a question on Israeli massacre of Palestinians.

Awareness of evil is one thing, but so too is awareness of what you can actually do to turn things around.

The internet has not closed down yet.  But there are moves afoot to stop people from talking about what they know.

Go through the anger.  Go through the fear.  And then get ready to take some action to save yourselves and your families.

Death rates in Britain are rising – 11% in just one year.  What’s the cause?

Malnourishment of people is happening inside hospitals.  People are being euthanased in hospital in greater and greater numbers.  Once people are trapped inside the State ‘healthcare’ system, they are coming out dead within days.

Don’t sit back.  Participate.  Write.  Speak.  Join the growing band of the aware and the active.

30% of NHS deaths are ‘euthanasia’


6 Responses to “What is your awareness score?”

  1. NPP says:

    Tap, FYI…
    Jay Dyer answers a question about… a minute or two…
    1.21 mins Miles Mathis
    The Pentagon’s BRAIN – DARPA & WAR GAMES – Rise of A.I. – Jay Dyer (Half)


    • Tapestry says:

      I watched the video, Ned. He gives very few reasons for doubting Miles Mathis other than he thinks it’s unlikely so much is false. I don’t find that too convincing an argument by itself. It needs more substance to be added. I find Miles Mathis very convincing in the detail he gives, except in his scientific works. His calling The Electric Universe an op gives me the feeling that Mathis might be the op, but I’d rather that be established from detailed argument, not just ‘Instinctively I feel that….’ and ‘my instincts are usually right’. The cons are so cleverly done that we all get caught out occasionally. It can take a long time to be sure which side of the line a source is on. And then, the deceptions have to carry a lot of truth to work, and the truth-tellers make mistakes, so even the biggest liars can be useful. There is no easy labelling system for research into alternative media. You have to ‘do your own research’ and build up your own knowledge step by step. Truth is not available off the shelf. Only deception is packaged up for you to swallow whole. Truth comes along little bit by little bit, and you need time to know it.

      • NPP says:

        I am not judging one or the other particularly. Jay mentioned him, which means it’s another name doing the rounds… thought you’d be interested to know.
        Tap follows Miles, Ian features on Tap, Jay featured at AV9, I find Jay an interesting fellow and bought his Esoteric Hollywood book at AV9… then Jay mentions Miles.

        Kind of Blue by Miles Davis is my bent.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        This is very good advice Tap and Ned. But it will not often be heeded in this time of, dumb’d down, instant judgement.

        I have read a lot of Miles historical stuff and he often rings a bell for me. He often passes the common sense test. But is he an op? Who knows but many people think that he is that’s for sure. And there is a controversy raging at the moment based of stuff here [scroll down]:

        Defended vigorously, directly by Miles, here:

        It has been fascinating to see it all but I’m still not sure.

        Similar story with Jay. He has done some very revealing work. His stuff on Tragedy and Hope, Castro and North Korea were all bell ringers for me. But equally he could be on the payroll in some way.

        Step by step is exactly right

  2. NPP says:

    A bloke in a field offers up yet another stunning monologue.

  3. emm jay says:

    “What is your awareness score?”

    Here is a definite 100 per center …


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