Welcome To Free Speech UK 2018!

Over the weekend Media On Trial had to set up camp in a tent at the back of a community centre because Leeds council banned the two previously contractually agreed venues. Media On Trial succeeded and won their day of free speech.

The UK has gone pear shaped. We are persistently being lectured on politically correct, social justice warrior forms of acceptable behaviour. The likes of David Lammy MP are on the BBC lecturing upon how I should or should not behave…


I am not a fan of Tommy Robinson. However, I have watched some of his engaging interviews. I have just watched his arrest. It is mind boggling. Why was he arrested? The police in this situation apparently have no regard for the law; only a regard for who ever pulls their strings.

Ex Police Speak Up For Tommy Robinson
Tommy Robinson Arrest – An Ex Police Officer speaks out – The English Democrats
Ex British police officer. Reaction to Tommy Robinson arrest in Leeds. 25-5-18.

The arrest…

Orwellian Police arrest Tommy Robinson for journalism 25.5.2018


Well David, are you happy? Are you gong to voice concerns for the Stalinesque / SS style treatment of Tommy Robinson, or is he too racist to be spoken up for? Is he too phobic about some concocted ideal your little mind has cooked up? Does he not qualify for your moral high ground standards that so protest prejudice?

Perhaps you’d like me to dye my skin with various tones, grow a vagina (don’t say pussy! Whatever you say, do not let it be pussy!!) and some female breasts to suit your diversity requirements?!


Edit: It gets crazier and crazier….
London cyclists too white, male and middle class, says capital’s cycling chief in vow to tackle diversity ‘problem’


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