UKIP scores 7% of the vote, not bad says Gerard Batten given the circumstances.

Gerard Batten sums up UKIP’s election performance.  Neither Conservative nor Labour wants Brexit.  UKIP on 7% of the vote has a base to work from, and still has  a key role in delivering Britain’s exit .  He’s so pleasant to listen to.  I’ll follow him and see how he goes for a while.  Something tells me he has what it takes to put UKIP back together again.  Starting from a bad situation, he is interested in covering many more policy areas than Brexit alone.  This could be interesting.  A UKIP without Jarach doing well again, with any luck.  Led by someone with a brain and a soul.


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  1. Aldous says:

    So let’s say UKIP (Controlled Opposition for sure) take 100% of the vote… The Rothschilds are going to acquiesce?
    Do me a fcuking favour.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Not all politicians are controlled, Aldous. The system tries to destroy all political parties to make sure they can’t achieve anything – Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP – the lot. The attempt to hammer UKIP using various non-leaders after Farage up to Henry Bolton, has not worked totally. There are still 7% of voters who are there. Gerad Batten has never been given any media throughout his long career. It seems unlikely he’s an operation, at this stage. I say I will follow his progress. If Brexit is to happen, there has to be one coherent political party drawing popular support that will push it through. The Rothschilds never stop trying to destroy every democratic initiative. But does that mean we have to stop making them? On the contrary. They want us to give up, so please don’t.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Tap and apologies for the unnecessary expletive in my comment.
      I appreciate and respect what you are saying but surely we only have to look at (the likes of) Syria to realise that these demonic bankers will not tolerate the ballot box and will of the people when it threatens their satanic NWO agenda.

      I certainly haven’t given up but am dismayed at what I see unfolding day by day.

      Regards: -)

      Perhaps if The People rejected the fake democracy that virtually enslaves them

      • Tapestry says:

        If we reject democracy, the cancellation will be joyous for the bankers. It is fake of course, but occasionally the game plays our way. It is more likely to do so if we are somehow engaged. Political parties are I agree mostly a waste of time, but if we don;t oppose the ones we despise and hate the actions of, in whatever way is available, they win. The point is to be activist, as well as political in the conventional sense. We have few cards and we have to play what we have, trusting in the power of good to win against evil in the end of the day. Nihilism is their game. Satanists can create wars out of Nihilism. The spiritual forces are unseen but very powerful. You don’t need to be religious to engage spiritually.

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