UKIP new leader is Gerard Batten MEP – a truth politician. A rare bird indeed.

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I have met him and I liked him.  He seems to be the only politician I’ve ever come across who wants to talk about truth.

Bar maybe John Biffen, who realised too late in his career what kind of evil he was up against to do much about it.

If Gerard can survive and put UKIP back together after its series of MI5 inserted leaders, designed to destroy the party, he could well be a good vote.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on him and will check him out on key topics.  But instinctively I like him.  The media hate him.  Always a good sign.

UKIP ‘saved from insolvency’ by donations – Gerard Batten

  • 3 April 2018

UKIP has been saved from bankruptcy after donations of almost £300,000 were made to the party, its leader has said.

Gerard Batten said there had been an “incredibly generous” response to his appeal to raise £100,000 and “UKIP is now safe”.

A £175,000 outstanding legal bill was “paid by other means”, Mr Batten said.

Last month, Mr Batten emailed branch officials to say the future of the party was in question if they did not raise the money for running costs.

Calling it a “critical time”, he said when the sum – “purely for operational needs” – had been raised, the party “will be on a much surer foundation going forward”.

Days after the plea, the party was ordered to pay £175,000 in legal costs over a defamation case brought by three South Yorkshire Labour MPs.

The case had been brought by three Rotherham Labour MPs – Sir Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion – over comments made by UKIP MEP Jane Collins about the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

Mr Batten says this has now been settled.

Meanwhile, a member of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee told the Financial Times that Mr Batten, who became interim leader in February, had offered to stay on for a year.

He was originally due to be in charge for 90 days, taking over from the party’s fourth leader in 18 months, Henry Bolton.

Mr Batten has told the BBC he was trying to get 740 candidates together for 3 May’s local elections in England, so it could qualify for a Party Election Broadcast.

The party has seen an exodus of members since the 2016 EU referendum and a poor performance in last year’s general election.

THE WAY FORWARD – written by Gerard Batten while Henry Bolton was wrecking the party in January?.

UKIP now faces the greatest challenge in our twenty-five-year history. UKIP brought about and won
the Referendum; however, real Brexit is now little closer than it was the day after the Referendum.
UKIP needs to survive and thrive to fight for Brexit and for a host of other reasons.
We currently have a Leader that few want but who refuses to resign. It is unprecedented for a UKIP
leader to lose the total support of the NEC. There is every reason to think he will be removed by
the membership at the planned EGM by the end of February.
I have offered my services to the NEC as
Interim Leader
. I believe that my standing in the Party
would allow me unite it at this most difficult time. An Interim Leader has
“all the powers of the
Party Leader”
under the UKIP Constitution,
“as if he had been elected to that post”.
The summary policies laid out below are the immediate actions I would take, and my vision of
the way forward.
Immediate actions:
To appoint a new Party Chairman, and review other senior officer
appointments. To cancel the new ‘Lenny the Lion’ logo, and return to the
£ sign logo and ‘UKIP’, an invaluable brand established over two decades.
To vigorously promote a complete and unencumbered exit from the European
Union: No Article 50, no more billions paid to the EU, no ‘Transition Period’, no continued
open borders, and full restoration of our territorial waters and Exclusive Economic Zone.
Brexit must mean Exit!
To call for the end to the age of mass uncontrolled immigration once and for
all, and for a strictly controlled and limited immigration policy that is in the national
interest, and for policies that put the interests of our own citizens first in regard to public
housing, benefits and the NHS etc.
To continue UKIP’s commitment to support the NHS. Providing adequate funding and
to refocus the allocation of resources prioritising clinical staff above managerial staff; and
proving a ‘national’ health service rather than an international health service.
Economy and Jobs:
To reject the extremes of Marxist socialism and crony-capitalism. To
promote economic policies that make ordinary working people feel that the economy
works for them, not against them; their living standards having been reduced in the
interests of enriching a global elite. We need policies to address a re-industrialisation of
Britain providing jobs with a living wage for ordinary working people.
The lack of available and affordable housing is a major problem, exacerbated by
mass immigration. We need to decrease demand by drastically cutting immigration and
providing new housing; and restricting the purchase of new builds by foreign nationals for
speculative purposes in our major cities is a priority.
Armed Forces
: Our armed forces are being deliberately run down so that they can be
absorbed into the EU’s planned armed forces. We need sufficient spending to restore our
forces to adequate levels. They should only operate overseas where it is strictly in the
national interest. We must honour the Armed Forces Covenant to properly look after
ex-service men and women.
Law and Order:
Policies that adequately punish criminals, protect the victims of crime,
and support underpaid, under-resourced and overworked police and prison service offic-
: To face up to the threat posed to our way of life by literalist and radical Islam. This
means a policy of no more mass immigration from Islamic countries and policies to
neutralise the influence of Islam; e.g. no more overseas funding of mosques and imams
from extremist regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.
Party Membership:
To increase our membership by adopting policies appealing to those
who feel disenfranchised and unrepresented by our current political establishment; for
example: the police, the military, the prison service, the ordinary law-abiding citizens,
small business owners, and the victims of crime.
Social media:
We need to use social media to recruit new members and to spread our
messages far and wide.
Party Reform
: The current criticism of the NEC is a red-herring. However, in the longer
term it would benefit from being reformed into an ‘National Activists Council’ whose
primary responsibilities are the recruitment of members, the raising of funds, and the
fighting of elections.
Some of these things we already do, but we need to do more. In March 2019 UKIP will lose its
Members of the European Parliament, and most importantly the platform it provides for our
elected representatives. UKIP must transform itself quickly or we may wither away.
UKIP came into being to fill a political vacuum: to represent those people from all walks of life
and backgrounds that want to live in an independent, democratic Britain. If we can mobilise those
people to join us, and recruit candidates from their ranks, we can continue to serve them by
winning elections in Councils, Assemblies and Parliament.
The current crisis presents an opportunity for the future.

UKIP Leadership.

Batten stood in the 2009 UKIP leadership election,[24] coming second in a field of five behind the winner Lord Pearson.

On 22 January 2018, Batten resigned as UKIP’s “Brexit” spokesman in protest at the party leadership of Henry Bolton, in the process publicly calling for Bolton to stand down from the office amidst general dissatisfaction amongst a substantial portion of the party’s membership with him; haemorrhaging membership levels, and an ongoing media circus concerning Bolton’s personal life. On 17 February 2018 Bolton was officially dismissed as party leader after an Extraordinary General Meeting vote by the party membership, and Gerard Batten was announced as the Party Leader (on an interim basis) until the conclusion of the next leadership election.[25]

During Batten’s Interim Leadership term, the party was saved from insolvency and put back on a sound financial footing after an appeal to members successfully raised almost £300,000. The party was also able to pay an outstanding legal bill. In addition, Ukip also saw its first significant membership rise in a couple of years with over 900 members joining during this time period. [26]

On 14 April 2018, Gerard Batten was elected unopposed as the Leader of UKIP. In a statement issued upon his appointment as Leader he said: “I received the backing of all three UKIP Lords, our major donors, our MEPs, our London and Welsh Assembly Members, and party activists and members from all over the UK”. [27]

TAP – It really must be the end of the Jarach media-spin era, and the start of a new truth party.  Gerard Batten would be ideal if he can make it through the morass.  Youngish at 64.  He could go a long way very quickly once people realise there is a genuine choice in politics – a non-media non-Satanic ordinary bloke.  Go Gerard!

Nigel Jarach and The Order Of Orange



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