UKC: The Novichuckle Dying Fly

The UK Column News is akin to a ‘door of knowledge’, compared to the £3.74 billion BBC which provides us with a good old common or garden gatekeeper. The big news is, Media On Trial happened and how appropriate that the community centre that hosted it, them, is called Baab-ul-Ilm, which according to the UKC chat box means “Door of Knowledge”… well done all concerned; despite my UK government attempting to prevent this event from happening, it did happen, as chronicled by 21st Century Wire in conjunction with Alternate Current Radio:

Episode #235 – SPECIAL: Media On Trial – LIVE with guests

The image? There was mention of doctors in Salisbury expecting dying fly type symptoms from the deadly nerve agent attack… except they at first thought they were dealing with an opiate condition.


As I post, the BBC are wetting their social justice warrior knickers about Rosanne Barr Tweeting that ‘Valerie Jarrett was the child of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes film.’
Hilarious! Grow up everyone! I am reminded of Mark Anderson’s remarks…
“… The real aggressors, the real haters are those behind this agenda and of course, they use the projection technique that anyone who opposes them is phobic, trans-phobic, homophobic… when the exact opposite is true; they’re the ones enveloped in fear and hatred, and people who oppose this, that disagree, are not phobic, they don’t fear this in the true sense of fear. They disagree with it and we have the right to disagree, but they give the distinct impression that we have no right to dissent…”

Pernicious, Aggressive Agenda Against Human Normalcy

No doubt there will be commentary on BBC R4’s Thought Fart For The Day about racist hatred. What ever happened to sticks ‘n’ stones…?

Pre show chat box…

Choose Your Future, Choose The BBC. I Chose Not To Choose The BBC, I Chose Something Else, I Chose The UK Column…
Just thinkin’ … What odds are there that Today’s livestream will be attacked yet again ?
Afternoon all, hopefully no ‘technicals’ today
holding my technicals now
Now that would be painful, grabbed by yer technicals.
Grabbed by the short’n’curly wires.

Show time…
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below… thanks to those in the chat box who contribute to the show and post useful links, especially ‘workhouse’.

Media On Trial
Leeds Council would not provide a space. An Islamic community did instead.
Baab ul Ilm means “Door of Knowledge”.
That’s the centre where they were able to pitch their tent.
Baab ul Ilm Community Centre… thank you.

chat box:
Coordinated attack to close down free speech
Leeds: This was the city of Jimmy Savile and the “7/7 bomber” patsies.

The Philip Cross Affair

The Philip Cross Affair

chat box: The gen is that “Philip Cross” is the Times neocon attack dog Oliver Kamm. He’s a real bitch.

Soviet Style UK 2018
Press Frenzy Over The Skripals

What A Nerve Agent! Wash your clothes. Wash your hands!

Russian spy poisoning: How the Skripals were saved
BBC Mark Urban bangs on about the official version of everything….
Dr. Stephen Dukes helps the BBC…

chat box: Mark Urban is standing in for his colleague, Mark Bumpkin
“We were dealing with the unknown…”
Lorna Wilkinson Director of Nursing Salisbury
UKC remind us that as difficult it is to believe, Public Health England recommended baby wipes.

US BioWeapons Program “Busted” Again
Govt statement:
Scripal: A Deep State Plot Against Russia and America, Duff on Press –

chat box: Psychopaths do not get satire.

Dr. Christine Blanshard

chat box: Russia 1 – 0 Soviet Kingdom

Lord Freddie Howe Kruger Howe image

Security Accelerator Competition!

chat box: Good game Good Game!

NATO Russia Council

Israel Russia agreement
Did Israel Russia Agree About border?

Sex for food

Peace? Power and Force!
chat box: The two birds in uniform for diversity….and fetishists in the UN

chat box: Oh yes, of course all UN peacekeepers are female Indian chopper pilots and not hairy Belgian paras who spit roast Congolese children.

Anyone being nostalgic? Emotional is not real!

At Home in One’s Past – Nostalgia as a Political and Cultural Force. Report Launch

chat box: Spiffing eye in the Demos logo. Satan is watching yooo!

Harvey Weinstein #MeToo

Girls For Gender Equity


chat box: So the “Me Too” campaign was thought up before Twitter or hashtags existed?

Suki Sandhu Twitter

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.:

START – Media on Trial event update
Freedom of speech: provided by the Islamic community in Leeds
04:01 – The speakers at the event
04:50 – Wikipedia editing: Craig Murray – The Philip Cross Affair
Cross has edited Wikipedia every day for over five years with no break
11:23 – Press frenzy over the Skripals:
BBC: How the Skripals were saved…but confusion over basic names
Doctor ‘very surprised’ at speed of Skripals recovery…
Senior Sister: ‘we were led to believe they had taken an overdose’
Confusion over Novichok…why…? Because the story is a lie
BBC & Daily Mail weave the government Skripal line
26:14 – Defence Minister Freddy Howe at chemical weapons conference
29:34 – NATO-Russia Council: first talks since Salisbury ‘attack’
31:05 – Syria: Israel and Russia in secret Syria deal
Syriana Analysis: Did Russia agree to keep Iran away from Syrian border…?
32:48 – The Times: UN knew of sex-for-food scandal at top charities
29 May: International Day of UN Peacekeepers…
21st Century Wire: Did UN peace-keeping troops send Syrian soldiers to death…?
35:50 – DEMOS: At Home In One’s Past – nostalgia as a cultural & political force
37:37 – BBC: Harvey Weinstein charged with rape following New York arrest
#MeToo…planned back in 2006 by Tarana Burke…who is Tarana Burke…?
Charities and NGOs collude for social change

Last show:
UKC: I’m Gay! What’s Your Super Power? Knitting!

I’m Gay! What’s Your Super Power? Knitting!


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