UKC: Stitched Up Like A Kippah

My title is a comment from the UKC chat box. Plagiarism? Ideas are to be shared, not owned. The UKC goes where the BBC simply does not.

Last night on BBC R4 Any Questions, Trump was name checked within the first minutes. Iran. A representative for Republicans overs seas, let me search his name… here we go: Chair of Republicans Overseas Scotland Drew Liquerman… talked absolute nonsense about Iran, Syria etc. I wished some one had asked, is that the same Iran interfered with by MI6 and the CIA over recent decades?
They talked of Iran sponsoring terrorism. So does the UK taxpayer e.g. funding the White Helmets, I thought to myself.
Later in the evening special advisor to the EU Foreign Policy Chief Nathalie Tocci described Trump as ‘the narcissist in chief’. These high and mighty moral high grounders that we are all to aspire to such as Chuck-up U-moo-noo, Vince the Cable guy and Diane Bagpuss Abbott, love to protest prejudice while persistently displaying prejudice. If only we had feminist friendly Bill Slick Willy Clinton in power eh?
American singer songwriter Amanda Palmer then gave me further codswallop about Trump’s poor upbringing which she assume was devoid of adequate compassion, so she features herself in a video breast feeding a ‘baby’ Trump.

Oh my goodness, these people are insane. My understanding is Trump had a very loving and stable parental upbringing, but you keep breast feeding dolls Amanada. I am sure they said ‘doll’ on the radio, but looks pretty full man type actor to me. Here is what to me is her rather depressing and puerile art, but hey, whatever floats yer boat:

Pre show chat box…
National Health Service (Co-Funding and Co-Payment) Bill, being debated in Parliament today.
… getting closer to a ‘private’ health service with each tick of the clock.
… will that be the funding of restored-virginity, or sex changes for children ..
Yep. If you are poor you had better not get ill. Only the wealthy will have that privilege.
I saw that this morning “Restoring Virginity2? on the NHS. Bizarre…

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below…

Brian apolagises for not wearing a tie. I forgive him!

Israel… anti-Semolina accusation alert, but Israel does appear to get with… murder?
Iran blamed for attacks on Golan Heights
They keep forgetting to mention the Golan Heights are Syrian territory…
The Syrians never tell the truth!!! Do they BBC?!
David: The aggression was apparently not the missiles. The aggression was apparently the presence of Iranians
Brian: UK & US constantly lying, they have failed to topple Assad. The target has switched to Iran.
… Only media that got it right was RT
This Israeli lobby must be addressed with the UK public
UNESCO 2030 Educational Guidelines Scrapped by Iran Include Essential Protective Measures Against Child Abuse
26 Jewish MPs, totally disproportionate to the number of Jews living in this country…. oops, be careful, you’ll have the ADL down on you!

Iran breaks the Rules of Engagement: Israel takes its Revenge, and Syria and Iran impose the Golan Equation

What else is Israel up to?
Independent journalist Robert Inlakesh
We’ve been stitched up like a Kippah…. a chat box comment and my headline!
Stop throwing stones!!! Naughty Palestinians
Were not certain details regarding May’s father eliminated from search engines after her accession to PM?
May is the only child of Zaidee Mary (née Barnes; 1928–1982) and Hubert Brasier (1917–1981).[4] Her father was a Church of England cleric
Hubert is a Jewish name. He was a war dodger and joined the church
Offense: cutting the apartheid wall! Stop cutting the apartheid wall! headline?
Sticks n stones may break my bones… and your words are also prohibited
Sponge bullets? Non lethal weapons!?
Gas used everyday
Is any peaceful progress likely?
Israelis consider the Arabs as animals
2 state solution is a delusion… headline?!
Israel is a settler colonial project
Middle Eastern Jews vs. white Israeli Jews…
Israel seems impelled to remove Arabs or be swamped by population increase and demographics

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. By Ilan Pappe

Palestinians announce embassy move date to be ‘day of rage’
More reasoned response from Palestinians than before
1937 royal commission report into Palestine
2 peoples who will not live together
Israeli position: The Arab population must be denied votes and rights to ensure Israeli survival
… and this whole segment of UKC reporting is typical of potential accusation of anti-Semolinaism because they are discussing Israel.

Jeremy Corbyn calls for ship building to stay in UK shipyards
Mainstream call him hypocrite… yet isn’t it bleedin’ common sense that an island nation builds its own ships?
… Corbyn is correct. It’s such a pity he’s committed to increasing removing freedom of speech and Cultural Marxism
Controlling immigration to protect wages too Brian? I bet Labour will be quiet on that one

European Defence: 17 cooperation projects underway; more to follow later in 2018
EU outlines plans for ‘military Schengen zone’:
Junker: we need €U military
UK will be kept within €U military union

Dying For Health

Mike, please take a look at the Taymount Clinic: this is the biggest health secret of the century.
It is the only industry left euro-peon that empowers the elites and weakens the masses. Labour and wages are anathema to the Oligarchs
Scott is absolutely spot on in his cynicism of the globalist fake nats infecting Scottish tradition and culture and poisoning it

Nazareth House Scotland

Fresh Start Truth Foundation next event 12 May 2018 at Penicuik…
Tour dates…

Fresh Start Foundation Roadshows 2018/2019

CSA & SRA Awareness Roadshow Sat 12th May from 11am to 3pm

Janine Rennie
Acid Attack book recommended. Must read for Scotland:

PC Karen Harper whistle blower…
‘Bullied’ cop breaks silence and says being a whistleblower in Police Scotland is like taking on mafia
New Chair Susan Deacon
Police Scotland corruption claims ‘will be investigated’
£45K legal bills for Karen Harper.

Margot James Digital Minister new legislation
“It’s vital that we put in place tough new measures to strengthen
NIS directive is an €U directive
Try this Margot…
AV8 – Artificial Intelligence : The War on Consciousness – Dr Graham Downing

Published on 11 May 2018
Mike Robinson is joined by Brian Gerrish, David Scott and Robert Inlakesh for today’s news update from the UK Column.

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