UKC: Prevent Strategy? Prevent Home Truths!

Lyse Doucet aka Lies Dullset, has been on the radio and TV today. She’s due to present a programme tonight on BBC TV. I shall not be watching. She must be among the most appalling examples of a BBC presstitute; she has pushed the story of evil President Assad and the ‘civil’ war in Syria. Lies, appalling Lyse, as far as I understand. I challenge you to invite Vanessa Beeley to a live, unedited BBC chin-wag.

Pre show chat…
I am still shaking after reading the Italian article about Alfie. There is a new one to-day but in Italian
Cambridge Analytica closes doors. Re-opens them as Emerdata.
Lies Doucet on BBC tonight with Syria prog. She’s already done Today & lunch time

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below.

UNESCO World Press Freedom Day 2018! aka controlled press!
MI5 controls media licenses in the UK – ask Press TV
The Hereford Times just appointed a Democracy Journalist – paid-for by the BBC

Why I love My Job…
Big business and govt for change…
How partnerships between business and government can drive fascism?!

Metropolitan revolution? Public-private boards with Mayor at head
Global cities
The “government” does not own those assets; we do. We’ll still be taxed to maintain the infrastructure!
Port Development Corporation: A model for regenerating cities

The Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation: A model for regenerating cities

Camb Analytica… transformed into Emadata, same directors:
how do they get round hiding money?
They don’t — their shops have banned cash and their governments are trying to outlaw it. That’s why they both kept the krona.
The Danish Royal Family is clandestinely very crucial to world Satanism, as are the Dutch and Belgian Royal Families.

Home Office forced by Netpol to release ‘counter-radicalisation’ training materials
Includes ‘extremist’ anti-frackers!

What Is Prevent?

Fascism warning

Melanie still in prison because of her information on high level abusers
Sabine McNeil also inside
May be #MeToo will help them?!?
the judge

Scottish police corruption allegations removed:

Sheku Bayoh: Family sue Police Scotland’s chief constable

DfE announces review of home-schooling regulations
Home anti-indoctrination review.
…. just make it a crime to complain against the police.

Building down by fire
9/11 comparison?
So no Directed Energy Weapons used there then.
Concrete less robust than steel buildings…

More on Alfie ….
Hospitals % Common Purpose

Top Doctors Chilling Claim…

Growing people without egg or sperm… we need it for drug testing
chat box: I was told my Mum could not be transferred to a specialist hospital. The death certificate has incorrect primary and secondary causes of death

Published on 3 May 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by David Scott and Mark Anderson for today’s news programme from the UK Column.

Running order to follow.

Last show:
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UKC: Has A D-Notice Been Ordered For Skripal Case?


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