UKC: Noviagra: An Erection That Won’t Go Away!

“It’s not Wednesday. I can be a man!”
Indeed Gavin, expand your friendships with Noviagra!


Another episode novichokablok with analysis, useful, some dark and sometimes amusing material.

At time of posting there is no UKC YouTube. I know Mike and the team are organising Media On Trial; perhaps the most challenging event they have undertaken thus far…

Support them as you can; talk about it, share whatever material is released; be aware that in 2018 in ‘free’ England, an event in Leeds discussing the media has to be a secretive arrangement because censors are trying to prevent it happening. This is the link to the UKC website and latest episode:
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Gavin paper boy Williamson has been on the Noviagra as a BBC documentary advert attempts to draw him in as a mermaid might seduce an intoxicated sailor and Georgina Sorosh is bank rolling an €U erection that will not go away. Erections are great, at the appropriate time; but an eternal erection would be tiresome.

Data protection? I’ve been advised to ignore it. It’s another 2000 bug scare nonsense.

Edit: the YouTube and running order notes are in… see below as usual.

Pre show chat box…

“Labour SUSPENDS male activist who claimed to be a woman on Wednesdays.” Well it is Thursday…
“Church of England will commune with God for you via Amazon’s Echo.” Will it be available on Google PrAY?

Show time:
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below… thanks to those in the chat box who contribute to the show and post useful links, especially ‘workhouse’.

Where are the Skripals? Yulia pops up!
Not A Free Woman
Brian gives basic run down on history of events… this story is untenable.
If this is the grade of Russian nerve agent, it’s a crap product.
Yulia carefully, neither accused or denied Russian involvement.
MOSCOW, May 24. /TASS/. Yulia Skripal’s statements need to be checked to make sure that they were made voluntarily, said Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an interview with TV channel NTV.

Stefan Halper… hardly any mention in UK press.

When Carter Page Met Stefan Halper
All Roads Lead to the Queen

Trump, Russia, Possible Collusion (REMIX)

The American Spectator article… Brennen brought together a group of Trump haters?
John Brennan’s Plot to Infiltrate the Trump Campaign
Halper was perceived as perfect spy…


Manchester The Night of The Bomb (BBC Documentary)

What do you feel about the BBC advert, as a woman?
If it was Wednesday I’d be a lady. But not today.


Ian Hopkins does not approve of documentary
Manchester police chief condemns ‘inappropriate and inaccurate’ BBC documentary that showed graphic scenes of terror attack aftermath and claimed officers were prevented from helping victims:
Anonymous statement by BBC
BBC 2 Patrick Holland… was it him? Organised such a programme?
Other BBC employees involved…
Dan Reed producer


We’re The BBC. You Can Trust Us Anonymously! The Skripals? Still, where are they?


Brexit Soros £6million Best For Britain propaganda interfering in a foreign nation’s affairs

chat box: The Bank of International Settlements in BASSLE (they fund soros)

Donald Tusk was threatening concrete steps toward monetary fund by June…

Want to understand the €U? Read:
The EU: A Corporatist Racket How the European Union was created by global corporatism for global corporatism David Barnby

chat box.

PRS: Policy Research Unit…
We’re independent so no need to look any further…
Social Mobility Foundation…


Hiring and training opportunities, pay and conditions, finding someone for your business, guidance and templates for employers.

Gavin!!! RUSİ! … top tier Navy!


RUSI–The First Sea Lord’s Sea Power Conference 2018

Ban Lethal Autonomous Weapons


Since 2014 Chinese have built same number of ships that Japan or the UK have in their entire navy…
World Economic Forum saying China has seen a better shifted in terms of progress
China warn of new flight test in Taiwanese airspac:

NHS… how to fund it?
Securing the future: funding health and social care to the 2030s…

Brian analyses BBC news articles… pumping out govt line; when we can get into a foreign country we pump up the angst all guns blazing…

Viagra advert on TV
Side effects?
An Erection That Won’t Go Away!
What are the possible side effects?

Plymouth property empire…

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Yulia Skripal gives a statement to the media
Salisbury ‘poisoning’ story is still completely unbelievable
Russia unsure of Yulia’s liberty and if her statement was freely made
05:47 – Stefan Halper case: who asked Halper to spy on Trump officials…?
John Brennan’s plot to infiltrate the Trump campaign
09:14 – BBC: a picture speaks a thousand words…?
Manchester police chief condemns ‘inappropriate and inaccurate’ BBC documentary
BBC corporation: anonymous spokesperson speaks
BBC documentary: Who are Patrick Holland…Dan Reed…Jamie Roberts…?
21:11 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
Ian Crane & Dr Graham Downing: Humanity vs Insanity tonight 19:30
Ian Crane: Fracking Nightmare tonight 21:00
23:17 – Daily Mail: Plot to subvert Brexit exposed – Soros at work again
Book recommendation – The EU: a Corporatist Racket by David Barnby
25:38 – EU: Eurogroup meeting today – banking union is one subject on the table
28:16 – Policy Research Unit: non-political ‘independent’ political research…
Who are the Social Mobility Foundation…? Run by ex-bankers and media people
32:15 – Gavin Williamson at RUSI: expanding our friendships…
How China is becoming a naval superpower and why it matters
Beijing: new J-20 stealth fighters will conduct patrols in Taiwan’s airspace
37:55 – NHS future funding: subscription an option or health-related insurance…
BBC health news: one NHS article, five abortion articles
Channel Four: free advertising for big pharma corporation Pfizer
But don’t mention the possible side-effects…
43:00 – Plymouth Herald: City Council setting up £130 million property empire
Councils across UK still sitting on huge ‘unusable’ council tax reserves


Last show:
UKC: First Sunrise Over A Free Damascus

UKC: First Sunrise Over A Free Damascus


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