UKC: Live Show Attacked

UKC informed me: “This is another attack. Media on Trial also down.”

Why? What is it that an ex Royal Navy Commander and IT guy do and say that warrants an attack on their work?
The live stream seemed to hit trouble about 10 mins before the 1pm show time start. At one point the entire UKC website was down…


I urge one and all to support UKC either by subscribing or sharing shows. They provide such valuable information giving platforms to a variety of names from Ian R. Crane to Clive de Carle to Vanessa Beeley to Mark Anderson:



…. and really set the bar to which the £3.74 billion BBC should aspire. The up coming Media On Trial is obviously upsetting some quarters…

Last show:
UKC: Ethical Responsibility? I’m A Robot. Trust Me!

UKC: Ethical Responsibility? I’m A Robot. Trust Me!

… and this one is for Patrick Henningsen, apparently removed from speaking at Merthyr Rising…

Episode #233 – ‘LIVE from the Levant’ with guests Eva Bartlett, Robert Inlakesh


3 Responses to “UKC: Live Show Attacked”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Great work, Ned! Maybe it’s my jet lag but I can’t work out the green slimy thing sticking out from under the No 10 witch’s hat. Arrived back in Blighty two days ago. It takes about three days usually to get the mental capacities back up and running after a long flight. Are they green hands with long finger nails clasped? It’s a brain teaser. I’ll keep working on it!

  2. NPP says:

    Do you know what it is yet?…. oh, can’t say that anymore can we Rolf!

    I think you refer to an arm; two grossly green arms reach out as two grossly green Treasonous hands clasp with glee at the attack….but as Arnie said, ‘I’ll be back.’

    It is a warped image.

    Safe journey, landed safe ‘n’ sound…. excellent!

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