UKC: Guilty For Knowing Too Much

You can’t make it up: During Brian Gerrish’s presentation at AV9, he reminded us how at one point baby wipes were recommended for cleaning ourselves following the Salisbury Novichuckle incident. Well, that must be readdressed apparently, because:
Wet wipes could face wipe-out in plastic clean-up

Trump has pulled out of the Iranian nuclear deal, so the BBC and the €U are going into gradual meltdown. This is Trump technique. I recommend be patient and watch this space. If Obomba is critisizing it, there may be something worth while in Trump’s decision.


Pre show
mike:Afternoon all … what a weekend. Brian and I are a little brain dead today. Heavy weekend!
@mike…. a little ‘brain dead’?…. perhaps you should consider a job in the palace of westminster 🙂
I’d love to hear what the 14 year old girl said at AV9…. Ian Crain mentioned it this morning.

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below…

Clip on Ian from his 8.30am live stream…
Cancer. Health & the authorities in France regarding cancer. Vanessa Beeley live from France gives tell of her experience.
The 1939 UK cancer act exists… to protect you of course!?
In sickness there is wealth… as a chat box comment correctly observes

AV9 Mark Steel 5G… a threat to humans, birds, insects, trees
phaser ray…. I think this was the term. Fin out more here:


AV9 speaker Mark Steel sharing awareness of 5G phaser ray technology. This has not been fully explored or examined in the public domain. It is simply being rolled out in every city.

Sunday Wire at AV9 featured Dilyana Gaytandzhieva
the prolification of disease using GMO insects

Mention of the Höfschröer case…. challenge the state in one country and end up in a hospital in another.
A few more £K needed to secure a legal case for the Hofschroer’s… please help if you can:

Vanessa collecting testimony….
Eastern Ghouta Testimonies – White Helmets Staged “Chemical Attacks”

Many in Ghouta very angry about White Helmets
molton plastic fired over Syrians
White Helmets staging and carrying out attacks. Local Syrians describe White Helmets as thieves, abductors, organ stealers
Of course, Vanessa puts her head above the parapet and twits such as Chris York of the silly Huffington Post respond with articles such as….
Controversial Event Featuring Pro-Assad Speakers Cancelled By Leeds Council
Do go visit his Twitter account and tell him we support Vanessa…

Has the US has suspended their funding for White Helmets? Vanessa doubts it.
US May Freeze Funding for Controversial White Helmets in Syria After Chemical Attack

US May Freeze Funding for Controversial White Helmets in Syria After Chemical Attack

John Insane McCain still at it….
John McCain Institute forum….
Agreement soon after signed with Turkish search and rescue team called AFAD (…. oh no)
Time for the UK public to reclaim this White Helmet funding
Demand accountability from MP’s

Putin’s inauguration… speech
“As I am about to take office as the President of Russia, I am keenly aware of the immense responsibility towards each and every one of you, and towards our entire multi-ethnic nation….”

Boris trying to persuade Trump not to pull out of Iran deal
Iran Belt And Road project
US-UK concerned about increasing relations of foreign nations with Iran,
chat box: President Trump cut off funding to the White Helmets. Trust him on Iran. Ron Paul

Brian Whitaker attacks Vanessa Beeley again… this is so predictable.

Waxing, see clients here
Regurgitate the photo of Vanessa with Assad… P.S. it’s a cool photo Vanessa!

Media On Trial being censored… but going on regardless
True Publica worst kind of censorship
The intention is for event to go ahead
Formal booking details: 08 March and 11 March contract and payment was confirmed for booking
The mainstream media was informed about cancellation before the organisers
Leeds Council decision to ban unjustifiable. There has presumably been pressure from those who want regime change in Syria
Who provided details of the event?

Leeds City Museum statement

Twitter Sgt Harry Tangye

How about child violation Dirty Harry?

Child protection Opinion
The state has a terrible secret: it kidnaps our children by Louise Tickle

Miss Tickle?! The Guardian has woken up? Not quite!

Published on 8 May 2018
Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson are joined by Vanessa Beeley for today’s news update from the UK Column.

START – Alternative View 9 conference update
One conference speaker prevented from speaking
France: a mature and advanced culture…?
Big Pharma: murder for profit…?
The immense health risks of 5G
Sunday Wire broadcasts live from the conference
11:06 – Blue sky for the whole weekend
Appeal for Peter Hofschröer
13:27 – Syria: Vanessa Beeley collects Syrian testimonies
White helmets attacking civilians
Syrian horrors exacerbated by the MainStream Media
Accountability needed for white helmets funding
24:38 – Putin inaugurated
27:03 – Iran next…
Vanessa Beeley under media attack again
Media on Trial event…banned
Shameful behaviour of Leeds City council
Government retreating behind unsigned letters
NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
45:00 – Dark mindset of a reframed armed Policeman
Guardian fails to understand what the state as a corporate parent means
AV3 presentation nine years ago explains everything…

Last show:
UKC: Has A D-Notice Been Ordered For Skripal Case?

UKC: Has A D-Notice Been Ordered For Skripal Case?


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