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It’s my name for Trump’s Zionic national security adviser cum Jon Bon Jovish bespectacled cowboy moustache… the idea that Laura Loomer Tweeted 58-0 referencing the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli Defence League staggers belief; but then so much does. Yet again, so much in one show…

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Trump and the Iran Deal | Ryan Dawson, TPS #10
24 mins in Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett get a name check…

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Royal wedding thoughts:

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Jon Bon Zolton comments on Korea and Libya treatment…

Rand Paul asks if CIA monitored last US election… what CIA collusion or manipulation? You can’t be serious. They never would…
Rand Paul Forced a Senate Vote on the Budget to Show Expose RINOs

Rand Paul Forced a Senate Vote on the Budget to Expose RINOs

A moving shroud? From 2013 of student demonstration! Not Palestinians.
Some one called Ian Boyle posted to FakeBook a clip of apparently dead Palestinians ‘moving’. Who is Ian Boyle? Does it matter?

Laura Loomer Tweeted 58-0

South California making criticism of Israel illegal. Not a law, but a state defining anti-Semolinaism. Good job we beat Hitler to earn the right of freedom of speech eh!
Landmark bill restricting criticism of Israel sneaks through South Carolina Senate

Landmark bill restricting criticism of Israel sneaks through South Carolina Senate

11.23. (CHE: Prohibition of Discriminatory Practices) (A) In the current fiscal year and from the funds appropriated to the Commission on Higher Education, the commission shall print and distribute to all South Carolina public colleges and universities the definition of anti-Semitism.

This Laura Loomer went on George Galloway earlier in the week and answered his question “Is everyone in Gaza a terrorist?” with the line:  “… that child gassed in the tent was ‘bad parenting”
This is a most bizarre conversation. Galloway is not my favourite, but Laura Loomer is an absolute bimbo…

Multi Coloured Swap Shop? Gavin Williamson and the French armed forces in collaboration… more Brexit without the exit.
Britain and France Sign Agreement for Test Pilot Exchange

Sergei Skripal discharged from hospital… after being poisoned by ‘deadly’ agent !?
Released or abducted?
chat box: SALISBURY is home to seven Masonic lodges:

Media on Trial
Sunday, 27th May 2018

Irish Red Cross…
DJE — the department responsible for the Docherty saga
led at the time by Francis Fitzgerald, the Tánaiste (Deputy PM), a shocking woman
‘Pledging a vacant property or spare room will play a significant and valuable role in helping Syrian refugees rebuild their lives and settle in Irish communities.’

Irish Citizens Urged To “Put An Empty Space To Better Use” And House Migrants In Spare Bedrooms

Mum, Researcher, Blogger, Paedo Hater, Smart Arse, ScotGov Irritant & one of the directors of Fresh Start Foundation.

People questioning ritual ‘satanic’ child abuse
David: Scotland: no accountability, no responsibility

… at AV9 Thomas Sheridan addressed the definition of satanic and yet again we have a term that perhaps gets misused and is misunderstood, though there does seem to be violation being committed by people referring to ‘satanic’.

Poorly-noticed, poorly-debated legislative changes (as Parliament still controls Synod) have made PCC people “church officers” and so
is one of Wildcat’s best — announcing WikiPaedo! Getting the Satanists shit scared.

A load of unholy cobblers: When QUENTIN LETTS like all Church volunteers was forced to attend an abuse prevention course he entered a chilling world where everyone is assumed to be evil
Fresh Start John Shields. Son abused in Church of Scotland care home
David & co being attacked by Hoaxted Blog…
This blog started when a small group of like-minded people got together online and began to share our ideas about the emerging, and highly toxic, Hampstead child abuse hoax.

10 *CONVICTED* cases of Satanist Ritual Abuse in UK #SRA #CSA

Hofscheoer case… where is Dr Elizabeth Gethins?
Peter Hofschroer has reporting wrong doing only to find the system tuning on him.

Scotland. Alex Salmon reemerging?

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen are joined by David Scott for today’s news update from the UK Column.

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UKC: Dying For Common Purpose

UKC: Dying For Common Purpose


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