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This tiny budget show out of Plymouth 1pm most work days is incredible, to my mind at least, and I am comparing it to Sarah Moundofgoo who currently hosts the BBC R4 World At One. Just the idea that Alex suggests Germany may be under a 150 year lease to the WWII allied forces gang to toe the line, makes curiosity want to ask further questions. Knowing Alex, he has answers for us.

Brian recommends Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin
… this author comes under historical revision, so no, it is unlikely to be featured on the BBC any time soon and if it were the Simon Schama’s and Mary Beard’s would no doubt be rolled out to appease and counter any uncomfortable historical suggestions.

I love the bit where Mike says ‘good news’ and the show serves up a clip of Gavin paper boy Williamson assuring us about the F35 while stood before a WWII Lancaster. I suspect Mike is being sarcastic.
Mike: “I think a Lancaster Bomber might do a better job than the F35…”
The humour in the show craics me up… they have to laugh rather than cry.
On a serious note, what is going on with the F35?!

Pre show chat box…
Breaking news:
Here comes a Royal wedding. Clear the scum from sight!
Police officers REMOVE sleeping bags and belongings of homeless people living on streets outside Windsor Castle:

Show time:
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below…

A week of persistent attacks upon the UK Column website… Open Democracy are apparently not keen on UKC. Mike wonders if it is Alex ex colleagues.

Theresa commits to €U military unification
“Denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands…” Alex quotes Toynbee
“We are working discreetly …….. and all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.” Arnold Toynbee

Rainbow Seed Fund is Britain’s G.M.O tech fund that we pay for and its funded by the Ministry of Defence. All linked to Bayer.
Rainbow Seed Fund – What is Synthetic Biology :

Synthetic biology… how lovely.
Creating a Global Leader in Agriculture
BAYER has taken over MONSANTO and EU have approved it:
Alliance for securing democracy

Gavin says the F35 is coming to our shores… just not to QEII
Who pays?
Meanwhile, it’s the 75th anniversary of the Damn Busters.
Is something happening at Rolls Royce?

NPP note: I drive a Rolls Royce cos it’s good for my voice ah uh ha… T. Rex.

Why Is Death So Popular… a poem title recently composed by a friend and how sadly appropriate…
Undertaker talking to Ian R. Crane wonders if there is a marked increase in deaths England & Wales
20,486 additional deaths in UK this year
Rise in mortality in England and Wales in first seven weeks of 2018

Mark Jones cartoons from the Dying For Good Health conference…
Is there Common Purpose involvement? -%

chat box: Hi guys here’s a link to a recording I made of Monday’s excellent show with…
Dr. Lucy Reynolds Dying for Good Health

The on going Hofschroer case… Sectioning Order over turned


Search for Leetchi Hofschroer to donate and support

Melanie is mentioned! She remains in Theresa May’s prison system, unsure of charge or term of incarceration.

Ukraine… building bridges reckless behaviour according to Alan Duncan…
Examiner: Ukraine should blow up Putin’s bridge!
Hugo Gurdon is editor at:

Guatemala open embassy in Jerusalem
He’s right and there are Jews who oppose this like Norman

Matt Handycock gives another of his great speeches, this time about government being a major element of a free civil society.
chat box: Hancock plz view, so funny

Royal wedding… oh dear. This was mentioned in the pre show chat.

Lisa Robinson
2018 Understanding Risk Forum
BBC Media Action in the behavioural change business
The Soul Beat Africa Network

… how reassuring for us all. More committee meeting people organising us presumably because the likes of Lisa know best.

It gets better… Mike asks the BBC about funding. They apparently don’t know! The BBC requires £3.74 billion because they don’t know who works for them, what is working for them…

As an NPP foot note, the BBC continue to push taxpayer funded man-made climate change scam programmes:
Climate Change & Me:

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today’s UK Column News.

START – UK Column suffering website attacks
01:24 – Treason May commits to EU military union…
EU military unification accelerates
German Marshall Fund: tracking Russian influence operations on Twitter
German Marshall Fund: run by the bankers
Why are bankers driving EU NATO policy…?
Book recommendation: Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil by Gerard Menuhin
10:30 – F35 to arrive two months early…none for Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier
F35 faults: who pays for the ‘warranty’ fixes…?
How many faulty military projects are there now…? Submarines, aircraft, ships…
Rolls Royce 30% management cuts…?
18:50 – Ian Crane: undertakers see marked increase in deaths in England & Wales
Dr Mark Jones: the mechanics of modern murder
Only the state knows what is best for your loved ones…
Common Purpose embedded in register offices of various London boroughs
28:27 – Psychiatric system abuses: Hofschröer’s case update
Appeal has been lodged within the deadline
Child abuse whistleblower Melanie Shaw still locked up by Treason May
32:28 – Ukraine: Kerch bridge opens
Alan Duncan: a further example of Russia’s reckless behaviour…
Washington Examiner’s Hugo Gurdon: Ukraine should blow up Crimean bridge
Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
36:42 – Guatemala opens embassy in Jerusalem
Israel: protests not a Hamas operation
39:52 – Matthew Hancock: Civil Society allowed to criticise government…?
Cameron’s Big Society: eventually no such thing as a free individual
45:30 – Royal wedding: Elton John may perform…nothing for the homeless
46:36 – Lisa Robinson, BBC Media Action: Understanding Risk forum 2018
Who is Lisa Robinson…?
What is BBC Trending…? UK Column requests information under FOI

Last show:
UKC: Live Show Attacked

UKC: Live Show Attacked


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