UKC: Brian Whitaker Is Nutz Netanyahu For Vanessa

People are shaking hands! Trump magic? Apparently the North-South Korean handshake was not shown on North Korean TV.
BBC Friday night news interviewed a Korean woman from New Malden, South London. She said things changed over night. She had grown-up being told the North Korean leader had horns. Now, everything has changed.
I heard Diane Abbott referring to Trump’s ‘pussy’ recording yet again… I laughed since it was a Bush who recorded Trump’s pussy.

You thought Ernst Stavro Blofeld was a fictional character and villain from James Bond? In this latest episode of the superb UKC, we discover Blofeld Netanyahu is real and his Iran diatribe is straight from a comedy club sketch while propaganda presstitute Brian Whitaker of the Guardian deems Vanessa Beeley a Goddess! Wow! What exciting times we live in.

Show time: FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic…
Skripal: Craig Murray blog: Clive Pontin..
D Notice slapped upon media?

Where They Tell You Not to Look

chat box: Ponting was the man who invoked jury nullification, to the huge chagrin of the Establishment.
My former literal desk colleague (3 ft from me) Katherine Gün, who whistleblew on Iraq war shenanigans, used the Ponting precedent

Link to Trump Christopher Steele dossier?
chat box: I recall the communication that went around GCHQ in 2003: “The CPS has dropped all charges in recognition that a jury will not convict her.”

Response unit called as Salisbury Hospital declares “major incident”
An opioid used in Salisbury?

Iran… Is this Monty Python or Monty Cobr? Unbelievable Nuts Netanyahu
Staggering presentation from Netanyahu

Israel panicking?
Netanyahu shows slides, shelves of docs claiming Iran has nuclear weapons program


The Untold Story of John Bolton’s Campaign for War With Iran

Concern is voiced over John Bolton. I gently suggest Trump likes to have these characters close at hand to know their thoughts and better manage the outcome. I may, of course, be naively optimistic.

Sedona Forum: hosting White Helmet

Home Page

Richie Allen had another rant about VB on Sunday.

No analysis of why Yemeni problem

Penny Mordaunt on Syria: Hope In Conflict Fund
International Development Secretary’s speech on education at the Syria conference in Brussels.

The ruins I saw in Syria stand as a rebuke to western inaction

Goddess of Propaganda! Brilliant; proof Vanessa is touching the right spot.
Vanessa Beeley — the Syrian conflict’s goddess of propaganda
by Brian ‘Twit’ Whitaker

Media On trial targeted… will include Cynthia McKinny
Cynthia McKinney, a former Congresswoman from Georgia. She spoke at Alternative View.

Is a D Notice planned for White Helmets next?
Austrian peace keepers allowed ambush of Syrians…
Austria’s neo-Nazi brotherhoods (Burschenschaften) are mounting a coup at the moment. They have raided the Identitarians (adapting the criminal code in 2015 to permit them to do so) and are taking over judicial nominations.

chat box: Steele is a good man but a bit too jokey to get very far. I have met Steele and am keeping in touch with him. I can appreciate why some would be sceptical. Steele’s approach is the more, the merrier. He coordinates a band of whistleblowers

Brian suggests Alfie Evans lay in his own urine in hospital…

Published on 1 May 2018
Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Vanessa Beeley with today’s news update from the UK Column.

Running order to follow….


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