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Brian: “This is the UK in 2018: in order to have a discussion on the media we have to organise a secret meeting!”
This is such a poignant statement from this UKC episode. Brian refers to:
… WHERE AND WHEN Sunday, 27th May 2018 – 2-5pm (doors open 1.30pm)
Details of the venue will be communicated to ticket holders only closer to the time of the event. We will be in touch with everyone who has purchased a ticket in due course.

… and they have to state this because already their venue has been cancelled once and so the next venue is kept secret till nearer the time. Welcome to free England where the £3.74 billion taxpayer funded BBC still tells us how marvellous it is here in the land of free speech and expression.

Pre show chat box…

What’s the point of voting? The government always gets in … because the majority don’t use their vote.
What would happen if the silent 60% all spoiled their ballots?
Just a thought …
Afternoon all!

Show time:
FYI the chat box comments can sometimes be random and out of synch with the live show commentary, but generally on topic and providing a sense of live show experience… ultimately, I recommend you watch the show posted below… thanks to those in the chat box who contribute to the show and post useful links, especially ‘workhouse’.

The UK Column website was apparently ‘attacked’ again 5 mins pre-show. I can vouch for this because my connection temporarily went down. I guess it was the Russians again. Or was it from space!?



Mike almost chokes as he tells us he agrees with words from Tony Bliar:
“We find ourselves in the worst of both worlds…”
Nick Clegg or Clugg as he is known to some, says: “Brexiteers have forfeited their right to be heard.” Clugg calls for a 12 month extension to the Brexit deadline. He would say that, wouldn’t he.
Mike points to the creation of a deliberate constitutional crises and reminds us of cabbage patch Cameron’s ‘Best Of Both Worlds’ speech:
The best of both worlds: the United Kingdom’s special status in a reformed European Union.
This document explains why the UK will be stronger, safer and better off by remaining as a member of a reformed EU.
Published 22 February 2016

Jeremy Hunt has been talking about a proposed global mental health summit. I am reminded of the phonetic khunt; an anthropological term for a Himalayan tribe.

Ruth Davidson and Michael Gove team up to front new Tory think-tank Onward
I noted a comment: Get thee behind me Satan… and cannot recall exactly why. Brian or Mike must have said something…



chat box: Re “smiling Tories”, remember that May got her big break during opposition (Blair era) for calling Tories the “Nasty Party” at conference.

Brian: These People Are Living In Their Own reality Mike!

They Are Attempting To Think! Aren’t we tired of Think Tanks?

AI: Artifical Intelligence with Gavin Williamson and the defence space sector. Some one in the chat box comments: Alien Intelligence!
Porton Down AI Lab!? Why aren’t we surprised?

Sedwill receives backlash about his comments on Syria…
Leave Syria To The Syrians! UKC present some examples…

chat box: Breaking News. Following the clean up of Salisbury, a nationwide shortage of wet wipes ensues. Prices rocket.
Number of dirty arseholes in Britain skyrockets…

Where Are The Skripals? The term alien abduction seems apt.

Was jailed British-Iranian Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe duped or was she witting? This is a reference to BBC Media Watch and Juliette Harkin.

Marshall Plan For The Mind


IDEAS & TRENDS; After the Cold War, Different Times, Different Stations

chat box: These new services in 1991 were a decade before the revolutions in those countries. BBC spent the whole Nineties depicting Russians as ogres and this brainwashed the young generation.

Marshall Plan for the Mind: The CIA Covert Book Program during the Cold War

chat box: And what they’re not going to mention on that list is that the former Chief of General Staff, Ivashov, has written about Nazi continuations!

The €U vs disinformation campaign… Putin is pushing ‘conspiracy’ theories here, there and everywhere including Russia…



chat box: The people writing this EU vs Disinfo are twentysomethings from Eastern Europe, raised in BBC propaganda
Among the ‘conspiracies’ is The World Is Flat meme…
chat box: Should that read “The world is Fiat?”
chat box: March 2015 was when the Ukrainian Nazis were having their bottoms caned in Crimea.

From the chat box: American Intelligence Media:

Questions and Answers about the East StratCom Task Force

Andy Price Commonwealth Office?
chat box: Not a name I know from earlier, so he’ll be a sideways move, not a prior expert on the region.
That last one Mike ringed shows that he is at EECAD — the FCO’s Eastern European & Central Asia Directorate.

Brian: “This UK 2018 and in order to have a discussion no the media we have to organise secret


The Hofschroer case… some good news…
“Can you please pass on our thanks to people who stepped in and raised money … Mum would ask, “why are they doing this to us? What have we ever done to them?”
What slowly became clear over the years is that our case was far from isolated … there are tens of thousands.”


Melanie mentioned again… indeterminate sentence?

USA confirms deal to Bahrain, more bombs etc…

Bernard Lewis dies at 101
Do not weep for Bernard Lewis, high priest of war in the Middle East


Dying For Good Health… now the Labour movement set up a health event in Nottingham too.
Open Democracy. Open only to the “RIGHT” kind of people…

You cannot make this stuff up… Jon Ashworth, a twit, video talk at Socialist Health Association meeting, Nottingham, 12 May 2018

Old bones being recycled

Plymouth is getting a coffee ‘academy’ where baristas will train

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with today’s UK Column News.

START – UK Column website attacked again just before live broadcast…
Tony Blair: Brexit deadlock – second referendum…?
Nick Clegg: Brexiters have forfeited their right to be heard…
06:30 – Jeremy Hunt to host Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit
08:14 – Michael Gove & Ruth Davidson team up to back new Tory ‘think tank’
13:12 – Gavin Williamson: UK needs to be at the forefront of space technology
Williamson setting up new Artificial Intelligence lab at Porton Down…
15:24 – UK National Security Advisor: we provide life-saving aid to Syrians
British public are seeing through the lies and starting to look behind the curtain
18:42 – Salisbury ‘clean-up’ now completed at one site…but
Where are the Skripals…?
20:14 – BBC Media Action subversion – journalists duped…?
New York Times reveals BBC overseas monitoring back in the 90s
BBC General Manager talks about the ‘Marshall Plan of the mind’
26:52 – EU vs Disinfo: conspiracy theories on the rise in Russian media…
Propaganda organisation: who are EU vs Disinfo…?
Andy Pryce: counter-disinfo agent…? Foreign Office refuses to talk about him
32:48 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
Free speech Britain 2018: venue for public discussion has to be kept secret…
34:41 – Thankyou letter from Peter Hofschröer and his mother
Melanie Shaw abuse whistleblower still locked up by UK government
US approves $45 million sale of 3,200 bombs and bunker-busters to Bahrain
37:02 – Bernard Lewis dies aged 101: ‘High Priest of war in the Middle East’
Peter Oborne: Lewis guilty of disastrous intellectual reductionism
40:44 – NHS Dying for Good Health conference update
Second NHS conference deliberately set up to confuse – same day, same city
44:30 – Plymouth sign of the times: from shipbuilding to coffee serving…

Last show:
UKC: Royal Celebrity Pantomime Season

UKC: Royal Celebrity Pantomime Season


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