Tommy Rot

If something doesn’t make sense, there’s more to it.  The ‘Tommy Rot’ media surge doesn’t make sense.  If he cared about pedocrime, he would be exposing all pedocrime, not simply the Moslem gang variety.  Why would he be arrested for live streaming and then be accused of breaching the peace, and then be jailed for thirteen months?

The idea seems to be to create maximum publicity.

Why would the State be trying to promote him – while at the same time pretending there was a media blackout?

They need a high profile case where live-streaming is able to seen as a crime.  They hate live streaming, as in all political arenas, anti-fracking, pedocrime exposure, corruption, high-level wrongdoing of all kinds, the mobile phone video camera enables the public to get too close.

Also they always want to promote divide and rule.  Black against white.  Moslem against Christian or agnostic.  Original British against immigrant.

They also want pedocrime to be discussed and seen as something which is far removed from Westminster.  They sacrifice actors and musicians to accusations, but never politicians, church officials, police, judges, social workers or Royalty.  As regards pedocrime, these categories are protected.  They are the pedocriminal government structure which must never be allowed to fall.  Pointing the pedocrime finger elsewhere is useful.

All these objectives are being served.

The phrase Tommy Rot is one I remember teachers using during childhood.  It applies very well in this case.  Tommy Rot is a deep state ‘op’.


Posted by R. Berg on May 01, 2001

In Reply to: “To have little truck with…” posted by Patty on April 30, 2001

: : : : I have heard a lot of American rural people say something like “he’s not a type I’ve had much truck with”. Any idea exactly what this means, or where the expression comes from? Thanks. – Patty

: : : I dont know the origin but it means “to have no patience with” as in “I have little truck with the Windows OS as it crashes at least 2x a day”.

: :
: : To have no truck with someone means to have no dealings with them. Truck comes from the French “troquer” meaning “to barter”. From this origin came the ‘truck system’ from which ‘tommy rot’ arose.

: :
: : That’s a load of ‘tommy rot’ is a way of describing poor quality goods or ideas. The tommy in this instance is said to be slang for bread, provisions etc. I can’t find out on what basis, but it is certainly defined as “bread” in the 1811 dictionary. In any case, before the repeal of the Truck law, many employers paid their workers in vouchers which could only be exchanged for goods from company owned shops. The workers had no choice but to accept this type of payment and the goods were frequently of poor quality. Since part of the goods always consisted of bread, then the shops were said to supply tommy rot.

: Maybe the word “tommy” in “tommy rot” has the same origin of the current word “tummy”? “Bread” and its equivalents in other languages often has the connotqation of food, sustenance. Then bread would equal tummy (or tommy??).

: Thanks for the ideas on “truck”. – Patty

“Tummy” is, of course, baby talk for “stomach,” and “tommy” appears unrelated.

Oxford English Dict.: “A soldiers’ name for the brown bread formerly supplied as rations (also ‘brown tommy’); . . . a loaf of bread (dial.); among workmen, food, provisions generally, esp. those carried with them to work each day. . . . App. personified as ‘Tommy Brown,’ altered to ‘brown Tommy’ and ‘tommy.'” Another definition for “tommy” in the OED is “Gods; esp. provisions supplied to workmen under the truck system; also, short for ‘tommy-shop,’ and for the truck system.” A tommy-shop is a store under the truck system, as described above. “Tommy-rot” is defined as “nonsense, bosh, twaddle.”

Sentence Out Of All Proportion For The Deed Done


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  1. jkick says:

    Tap, google Tommy Robinson Israel images, tells you all you want to know about this ‘op’

    Rgds JK

  2. mhouston says:

    It is a bit too easy to just pigeonhole Tommy as just being a racist with an ulterior motive. Predominantly Pakistani grooming gangs have been a problem in towns and cities all over the UK for many years now, with a blind eye being turned by those in authority. Calling out the reality of this is what cost Labour MP Sarah Champion her shadow cabinet job last year. She is a long standing champion for the abused, certainly not just with “an axe to grind” against muslims.

    Tommy has also drawn attention to the case of imprisoned CSA survivor Melanie Shaw by re-posting a lengthy UK Column piece about her on his own YouTube channel – this was beginning of April. See

    Even if someone did induce Tommy into rash action of jeopardising his freedom I think the momentum generated now is far greater than could have been engineered. Once people are stirred into action they start to learn how deep the rabbit hole goes. I watched coverage of Saturdays protest at Downing Street and the wider issue of elite paedophile rings was also being discussed.

    And yes they are terrified of livestreamers. I started streaming in 2012. The equipment then was very basic by today’s standard. Just about every smartphone is now more than capable of hours of broadcasting – as was evidenced by the multiple different viewpoints available from Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays events.

    Having multiple witnesses makes denying that events happen very hard for those in charge. The thing that has made Tommy’s arrest so incendiary is that there were thousands of witnesses to the whole thing who could see he was meing careful to stay with the law. He got confirmation from the police that it was ok to stand and film where he was. Confirming the boundary of what was considered the court itself. He was careful to state “alleged” in front of describing the charges. And in any case the jury had done its job – this was sentencing day. Anyone can see this all for themselves. That the judge took a different view, without by his own admission, watching more than a few minutes of the broadcast, is why the world is angry.

    The powers that be are particularly scared of livesteam because a camera can be smashed and the evidence is gone. Not so with a livestream, in fact any sort of aggression towards the person being the eyes and ears of the Internet can draw far more attention to the things that they would rather keep quiet.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Or he was set up as the first to be publicly arrested live-streaming so that others will be accused on ‘breach of the peace’, ‘contempt of court’ and so on. The story has been covered by main media worldwide. That doesn’t happen without support from on high.

    • mhouston says:

      Well our MSM seems quite willing to cover stories about ‘dissidents’ in other countries e.g. Russia. Specific action is needed to tell journalists what they are NOT permitted to write stories about (D Notices) There is not, as far as I know, a globally enforceable D Notice system.

  4. archer says:

    Agreed, Tap. This was a ‘double-bluff’. It makes Robinson out to be a martyr (causing further outrage and division) whilst also achieving the establishments aim in restricting live stream.

    • mhouston says:

      Yes that has worked well hasn’t it? More people livestreaming than ever at the various marches – making lack of reporting them by MSM largely irrelevant. The main diffence is that there is more mobile bandwidth available and the level of smartphone needed to do it is now the norm for everyone. Only extra equipment a member of the public needs is an external battery pack (or streams will be rather short) and a selfie stick helps a great deal to prevent hand fatigue, but is NOT essential.

  5. antongaenor says:

    Tommy is probably somewhere in Isreal now sipping a good old cocktail with his rebel media friend Ezra Levant. I have no doubts in regards to Tommy being a shill nothing will convince me that hes doing something good for this country. He is an Israeli flag waver, he pledged his allegiance to the state of Israel, I’ve seen enough he hates on islam and islam only the scum has never reported on the crimes of certain members of the British establishment. Tommy needs exposing, he has links to all sorts of rancid people out there to name one Lutz Bachmann who has a criminal record for sixteen burglaries, cocaine dealing and assult. Just one person says a lot imagine the lot of them?!?!1

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