The miracle of life extension tech was buried

There is someone above George Soros calling the shots from an even higher position.

The problem of human aging was solved long ago. Many people may remember the HGH commercials Art Bell used to run on late night radio. They were for real. And the products Art advertised did not require the abortion industry to provide the HGH, instead, the products Art Bell advertised stimulated the pituitary gland to produce “more of your own HGH”. These products Art advertised no longer exist.

HGH is a hormone your body naturally produces, which regulates it’s age. If you have too little, you will not completely heal from even small injuries and normal wear and tear, instead you will age and eventually wear out.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the tech had been well developed, and there were many products available to cause your pituitary to produce more HGH, and that would improve your vitality. The best of these products was never advertised by Art Bell, and was instead sold at GNC with the brand name Ultra Lab HGC. That particular product was changed in 2003, and pulled from shelves entirely in 2004, along with all the rest of the HGH boosters that actually worked. The tech was simply too good for people to be allowed to have, unless, of course, you are wealthy enough and evil enough to be willing to pay for direct injections of HGH derived from the brains of aborted babies.

I actually tried the Ultra Lab HGC, for a short time period of 3 months. I had a back problem. It miraculously healed. It hurt like it had just been injured, and then healed. The same thing with my knees, which I had injured more than a decade before – they hurt like I had just injured them all over again and then healed. I have had zero problems with either since 2003, they were permanently and lastingly healed.

I was worried about side effects from a product that powerful and stopped taking it, not realizing it would soon be gone. The benefits lasted until now (and are still lasting.) If you look on the web, the product that worked was “500 sub lingual pellets”, the 126 tablet version you can actually find pictures of now was not as good, and now the product is entirely gone.

I know first hand the tech existed and worked. And I know we can’t get it anymore, any companies that had anything real were either bought out and shut down, or shut down some other way.

It is my belief that the natural HGH boosters that triggered your own body to produce more HGH were probably better than whatever George Soros is using to keep his decrepit bag of parts running. He’s not in on the big secret if he has to keep injecting himself with whatever is derived from abortions, ditto for Hillary and all the other crap out there. And now, predominantly, many of the HGH reports that talk about what it is and what it does, say you have to use injections to get it. That’s B.S, I saw the truth about this myself.

What has happened with the topic of HGH really makes me wonder who is really in charge of things. There is probably another layer to the shadow government that is above Nut Yahoo, Soros, Rothschield, – the true deep state that manipulates even these people. Certainly, life extension tech is already fully developed and real, and even the elite old kodgers we are allowed to chat about are not being let in on the real secret.

Here is the ingredient list for the real, (500 pellet) version of Ultra Lab HGC.

I was able to resurrect this better than I ever have before for some reason this time, the ingredient list above is confirmed to be the real deal.

In preparation (if you try this,) it is evident from other study of this that none of the ingredients can be heated above body temperature, and whatever concoction you come up with has to be administered sublingually (under the tongue) for one minute, with no food or drink for at least 15 minutes after. And it only takes a tiny amount.

I don’t know how they prepared this but I would guess the ingredients were dehydrated, then mixed in a cold tea, then concentrated as much as possible, then saturated into homeopathic pellets (these are little white pellets that get soaked in whatever homeopathic ingredient they are supposed to carry,) and then you take six of those pellets and put them under your tongue until they dissolve.

That is my best guess on how they did it, based upon actually using the product. There are many many herbal supply places around here in Mexico so maybe I’ll try to come up with all that stuff and mix a batch and then report what happens.

TAP – the real ‘deep state’ could be run by people we believe to be dead but who are actually still alive, using longevity enhancement to stay alive for centuries.  Now there’s a thought.  Miles Mathis was suggesting such a deep state exists with assassinations and air crashes disposing of those selected to join the Deep State board of control.


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  1. eddieleejn says:

    One thing about the concept of creating a true ‘one word’ state and everything relating it it, is the ‘why’? Specifically, ‘why’ spend ‘lifetimes’ achieving a goal when each generation working on the goal, would be dead (or ‘should be’). I don’t think life extension means all these cronies are living for 1000 years and will all come out at the big unveiling party; I think it’s more plausible that it is more likely to be 1) Storing DNA/freezing type tech which will enable them to be reborn and then live forever in this realm, or 2) The reason those pulling the strings can spend 1000’s of years creating what they want, is because they’re not human, they’re aliens such as the Annuaki (who of course reportedly live pretty much forever).

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