Syrian Girl Talks Genie Energy, Syria With Jay Dyer

Syrian Girl with Jay Dyer on Warski Live… they have an interesting chat about Middle East matters:
about 150 mins in…
2 hours 41 mins in…

Genie Energy

Exploration. Generation. Procurement. Advisory. We are Energy.
Genie Energy Ltd., (NYSE: GNE) believes that competition and ceaseless innovation are required to meet the world’s growing demand for affordable, environmentally sustainable and reliable sources of energy.

… oil and gas company illegally sucking out Syrian oil and gas from Golan Heights illegally occupied by Israel…

“… thank God for InfoWars, they really helped get the message of Syria out there… we do not agree on everything, but at least they give me a platform… ”

3 hours 22 mins…
“… Israel created Hamas…”

George Galloway says they did not… create Hams, but did help to create the conditions for the emergence of Hamas:


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