Nigel Yarach offers tokens with no substance

Keep voting until you get it right, is her idea, ignoring the fact she keeps losing every vote.  Farage is pointing out that Scotland inside the EU will not be independent in any case.  Voting on supposed independence is a deception unless Scotland first quits the EU.   The first two minutes is enough to get the story.  Then quit before the obnoxious advertising starts at about ten minutes.

It’s not easy listening to main media.  A quick two minutes of Farage making a good point is no harm.  Of course, he will never mention anything too real, depopulation,  central bankers controlling political parties and governments, euthanasia inside the NHS, 5G, fracking and so on.

He’s a token politician, selling tickets with great offers written on them –  things like freedom, and independence, but he will bring you neither.  Only yourself and your own awareness, thoughts and actions can bring these prized possessions.   Nigel Yarach would not get a slot on a main media channel unless he had agreed not to tell you anything of substance, which might enable you to survive and escape the encroaching totalitarian state.  The Greater Israel project, One World Government, World War Three, the depopulation agenda require you to be sidelined and distracted as they probe your defences.  Here’s how they do that, and how politicians like Yarach quietly promote the corporate agenda by filling the airwaves and telling you nothing.


3 Responses to “Nigel Yarach offers tokens with no substance”

  1. NPP says:

    He joined in kicking Corbyn about being anti-Semolinaic…. he was a breath of fresh air on LBC, but he has become boring; just as you obserserve and comment here.

  2. Tom74 says:

    Farage is a tool of the Conservative Party and always has been – UKIP was a ways of taking votes from Labour in working class areas that would never have voted Tory.
    Perhaps the Scots just want to be independent from the UK? Or perhaps they see EU membership as a necessary first step to complete independence? Funny how Farage and other Brexiteers seem to be the ones pouring cold water on democracy and mocking the ‘will of the people’ – almost as though they have another agenda…

    • Tapestry says:

      UKIP took votes from the Conservative Party from the start, which is why it was penetrated, and its incoming mail was removed by security services. Otherwise UKIP would have grown far more rapidly and could have replaced the Conservative Party. Only latterly did UKIP adapt its act to appeal to the Left, and become what you describe, Tom. Farage is right to say offering ‘independence’ inside the EU is no such thing. Referendums are usually rigged anyway. The Brexit vote was more like 75/25 for example.

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