5G. ‘Search your engines,’ says Robin Of The Hood.

Crane –  known as Robin of the Hood  – is back in Nottinghamshire.

His old enemies are at it again –  (IGAS) are trying to push out another couple of farts,  I mean gas attacks – at Mizzen Stinks and nearby (S)Tinker Lane.

Today is party time – an open day for anyone who wants to turn up and see what the frackers are up to, before their smells are released.  Tell your navigator to seek out ‘Misson’ and he will bring you straight to the camp in the forest.

AKA Misson Springs.

The Sheriff’s Men – Nottinghamshire Police – are spending millions of ounces of authority silver, arresting people who are almost all found NOT GUILTY by the learned judiciary.  What’s the point in such waste of valuable assets, all raised from the sweat of honest taxpayers?

Jim Ratcliffe

Frackingham, The Rat of INEOS (I Need Every One Sick), is suing the Scottish Government for not destroying their beautiful country, for putting a national ban on the frackers.  In his fantasy world, The Rat thinks he owns Scotland, with all the local agents in his pocket.  In addition, he’s suing The National Trust over fracking Sherwood Forest.  He’s got public enquiries ongoing at five Councils.  While making himself into a national pariah,  he’s funding business environmental programmes, to try to look a bit nicer in the public eye.  He’s given silver to Sire Ben Ainsley’s fund for his sailing venture to the Americas, to win the Cup of legend.

He’s copying the games of that evil knight Sir Richard de Branzon, but has no chance.  De Branzon’s looks are fair, but Ratcliffe’s are hideous.  He hides away on his barque out at sea.  Maidens cannot bear to look upon his visage.

In reality, The Rat’s an out of control corporatist.  He thinks people might actually be dumb enough to like him, but they already know that he longs to kill them and steal their property.  His name is written into the songs of the bards, and his deeds are recognised by the populace for the evil that he intends.

The name Ratcliffe makes people look ahead to the day when ‘the rat’ is finally slung off a Peakland cliff.  Luckily for England, his name betokens his fate.

Robin Of The Hood fears for our trees.  They are being culled all over England. 

PLEASE Search your engines.

Search ‘5G – University Of Surrey – Trees’.  Any Search Engine.  See what happens with the coming 5G.

It’s the ‘internet of things”.  Search that too.

Read ‘Barry Trower’ a scientist who’s been publicising the threat from 5G.

Radio 2 on Thursday.  Jeremy Vine. 10 million trees being cut down by British Rail.


The people must participate, says Robin.

‘Search your engines,’ he says.

Stop the attack on the peasantry, who will be killed by these new-fangled devices.

Seek out the Sheriff’s  hidden 5G contraptions.

Fire arrows into them, or smash them using bludgeons.

Set his plans at nought.

He wants our lands and our gold.  He must be stopped.


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