Robespierre realised too late that he too was expendable.

The international bankers planned the French Revolution so they could become
The Secret Power behind the governments of Europe and further their Long Range Plans.
With the outbreak of the revolution the Jacobins took over control. They were men who had
been hand picked by the Illuminati and Grand Orient Masonry. They used the Duc D’Orleans
to serve their purpose right up to the time he was required to vote for the death of his cousin the
King. The Duc believed he would be made the constitutional monarch, but the Jacobins had
other instructions. Once he had voted for the death of the King, and assumed the blame, he left
the real plotters free from suspicion. Then those who comprised The Secret Power behind the
revolution ordered him liquidated also. They switched the full force of their propaganda, and
L’Infamie, against him. In an unbelievably short time, he was on his way to the guillotine.
While riding over the cobble stones on the death-cart he heard himself reviled, and execrated,
by all classes of the people.
Once Mirabeau realized what a terrible instrument of vengeance he had helped to bring into
being, he repented. Wild and dissolute as he had been, he just couldn’t stomach witnessing the
terrible and shocking atrocities which the Jacobins were systematically perpetrating on all those
who were Fingered for outrage and death by their secret masters. Mirabeau was actually
opposed to any violence being done to the King. His personal plan had been to reduce Louis
XVI to a Limited Monarch, and then have himself appointed his chief advisor. When he
realized that his Masters were determined to kill the King he tried to arrange for Louis to escape
from Paris so he could place himself under the protection of his loyal Generals who still
commanded his army. When his plans were betrayed to the Jacobins, Mirabeau was ordered
liquidated also. In his case a public execution could not be arranged because his enemies did
not consider they had time to frame charges against him and make them stick, so he was
poisoned. His death was made to look like suicide. A book was written about
The Diamond Necklace already referred to. In it is the significant remark “Louis was not ignorant of the fact
that Mirabeau had been poisoned”.
Danton and Robespierre were the two devil’s incarnates who stepped up the
Reign of Terror designed by the Illuminati to give them revenge upon their enemies, and to remove personages
they considered obstacles in their path. Yet, when they had served their purpose, their two chief
executioners were arrested and charged with their many infamies and then executed.
Lafayette was a Mason. He was a good man. He joined the revolutionary forces because he
honestly believed revolutionary action was necessary to bring about much needed reforms
speedily. But Lafayette never thought for a moment he was leading the people of France from
their old oppression into a new subjection. When he tried to save the King he was packed off to
fight a war in Austria. Since the French Revolution of 1789, up to the revolutions going on to-
day, the Secret Power behind them have used many Duc D’Orleans, Mirabeaus and Lafayettes.
Although the men have borne different names they have all been used as tools and played
similar parts. They have been used to foment the revolutions and, after having served their
purpose, they have been liquidated by the very men they served. Their deaths are always so
arranged that they die under a blanket of guilt which should rightfully have covered the
shoulders of the men who still remain The Secret Power behind the scenes in International
Sir Walter Scott understood a great deal about how The Secret Power
behind the French Revolution worked. Any person who reads his
Life of Napoleon will sense that the author
thought he detected the Jewish origin of the plots.
Sir Walter points out that the real key figures in the revolution were mostly
foreigners. He observed that they used typically Jewish terms such as
Directors and Elders, in their work. He points out that a man named Manuel was in some mysterious manner appointed Procurer of the Commune. Sir Walter states that this one man was responsible for the arrest and detention, in prisons all over France, of the victims of the pre-arranged massacres which took place in
September 1792. During the massacres 8,000 victims were murdered in the prisons of Paris
alone. Sir Walter also noted that the Communauté de Paris (the Paris County Council) became
the SANHEDRIN of the Jacobins who cried for blood and more blood. Scott relates that until they
had served their purpose Robespierre, Danton, and Marat shared the high places in the
SYNAGOGUE of the Jacobins. (My emphasis) It was Manuel who sparked the attack against
King Louis and Marie Antoinette which finally led them to the guillotine. Manuel was well
supported by a man named David who, as a leading member of the Committee of Public
security, tried Manuel’s many victims. David’s voice always called for blood and death.
Sir Walter records that David used to preface his “bloody work of the day with the professional
phrase – Let us grind enough of the Red.” It was David who introduced
The Cult of the Supreme Being. The heathen ritual was Cabalistic mummery which was substituted for every external
sign of rational devotion. Scott also mentions that Choderlos de Laclos, thought to have been of
Spanish origin, was manager of the Palais Royal which played such a devilish part in the
preparations for the outbreak of the Revolution.
Another matter of importance is this : After Robespierre had been ordered liquidated, two men named Reubel and Gohir were appointed Directors of The Council of Elders. With three others they became the actual government of
France for a time. The five men referred to were known as The Directoires. It is a very
remarkable fact that Sir Walter Scott’s Life of Napoleon (in nine volumes) which reveals so
much of the real truth is practically unknown.
Mention must be made of G. Renier’s Life of Robespierre. He writes as if some of the secrets
were known to him. He says : “From April 27th to July 28th, 1794 (when Robespierre was
defeated), the reign of terror was at its height. It was never a dictatorship of a single man, least
of all Robespierre. Some 20 men shared in the power”. Then again — “On July 28th
Robespierre made a long speech before the Convention … a Philippic against ultra-terrorists …
during which he uttered vague and general accusations”.
Robespierre is quoted to have said “I dare not name them at this moment and in this place. I cannot bring myself entirely to tear asunder the veil that covers this profound mystery of iniquity. But I can affirm most positively
that among the authors of this plot are the agents of that system of corruption and extravagance,
the most powerful of all the means invented by the Foreigners for the undoing of the Republic :
I mean the impure apostles of Atheism; and the immorality that is its base”. Mr. Renier
added : “Had he (Robespierre) not spoken these words he might still have triumphed”.
Robespierre had said too much. He was deliberately shot in the jaw to silence him effectively
until he could be dragged to the guillotine the following day. Thus another Mason, who knew
too much, was disposed of. As the events which led up to the Russian and Spanish revolutions
are reviewed, it will be shown that the Hidden Revolutionary Section of the Illuminati within
the Grand Orient Lodges of Continental Freemasonry was the instrument of the men who
constituted The Secret Power behind the World Revolutionary Movement. Thousands of
individuals are publicly blamed, and many organizations brought into disrepute, simply because
it was within the power of the secret leaders of the W.R.M. to saddle them with the blame for
their crimes and thus conceal their own identity. There are not many people living to-day who
know that Robespierre, Marat and Danton, were only the instruments used by the thirteen
directors of the Illuminati who plotted and directed the Great French Revolution. It was the
men behind the scene who preconceived the pattern of The Reign of Terror as the means of
gratifying their desire for revenge. Only during a Reign of Terror could they remove human
obstacles from their path.
Having run out of victims, the men who directed the French Revolution decided to engage in
international intrigue again. For the purpose of increasing their economic and political power
Anselm Mayer Rothschild trained his son Nathan Mayer for the special purpose of opening up a
House of Rothschild in London, England. His intention was to consolidate, more strongly than
ever, the connections between the men who controlled the Bank of England and those who
controlled the Banks of France, Germany and Holland. Nathan undertook this important task at
the age of 21. He tripled his fortune. The Bankers then decided to use Napoleon as the
Instrument of their will. They organized the Napoleonic Wars to topple several more of the
Crowned Heads of Europe.
After Napoleon swept over Europe he pronounced himself Emperor in 1804. He appointed his
brother Joseph, King of Naples. Louis, King of Holland; Jerome, King of Westphalia. At the
same time Nathan Rothschild arranged matters so that his four brothers became the kings of
finance in Europe. They were the Secret Power behind the newly established thrones. The
international money-lenders set up headquarters in Switzerland. It was agreed between them
that, in their interests, and for their security, Switzerland should be kept neutral in all disputes.
In their Swiss headquarters at Geneva they organized the different combines and cartels on an
international scale. They arranged things so that no matter who fought who, or who won and
who lost, the members of the International Money-Lenders Pool made more and more money.
This group of men soon obtained control of the munition plants, the ship-building industry, the
mining industry, chemical plants, drug supply depots, steel mills, etc. The only fly in the
ointment was the fact that Napoleon grew more and more egotistical until he finally had the
temerity to denounce them publicly. Thus he also decided his own fate. It was not the weather,
nor the cold, that turned his victorious invasion of Russia into one of the most tragic military
defeats the world has ever known. The failure of munitions and supplies to reach his armies
was due to the sabotaging of his lines of communications.
The secret strategy used to defeat Napoleon, and force his abdication, has been accepted as
essential for all revolutionary efforts since that date. It is very simple. The leaders of the
revolutionary movement arrange to place their agents secretly in key positions in the
departments of supply, communication, transport and intelligence, of the armed forces they plan
to overthrow. By sabotaging supplies, intercepting orders, issuing contradictory messages,
tying up or misrouting transports, and by counter intelligence work, revolutionary leaders have
discovered they can create utter chaos in the most efficient military organization on land, at sea,
or in the air. Ten Cells secretly placed in key positions are worth ten thousand men in the field.
The methods used to bring Napoleon to ruin in the early part of the nineteenth century were
used to bring about the defeat of the Russian Armies in the war against Japan in 1904, and again
to cause mutiny in the Russian Armies, in 1917, and mutiny in the German Army and Navy in
Communist infiltration into key positions was the real reason the German Generals asked for,
and were granted, an Armistice in November 1918. The same methods were used to destroy the
effectiveness of the Spanish Army, Navy and Air Force in 1936. Exactly the same tactics were
used to bring about the defeat of Hitler after his victorious advances into Russia in World War
Two. Thus history repeats itself, because the same powers use the same methods over and over
But most important of all, it was the descendants of the men who brought about
Napoleon’s downfall who brought about the defeat of China’s National Forces in 1945 and
onwards. Mysterious orders were given which caused millions upon millions of dollars worth
of arms and ammunition to be dumped into the Indian Ocean when they should have gone to
Chiang-Kai-Shek. The true story of the manner in which British and American politicians
betrayed our anti-Communist Chinese and Korean allies will prove that it was the agents of the
International Bankers, manoeuvring to let Communism obtain control of Asia, who deceived
and ill-advised our top-level statesmen. Communism is to-day what it always has been since
1773, — the instrument of destruction and the manual of action used by the international arch-
conspirators to further their own secret plans by which, in the final analysis, they intend to
obtain control of the wealth, natural resources, and manpower of the entire world.
When the Battle of Waterloo was about to be fought Nathan Rothschild was in Paris. He had
obtained, as his place of residence, a palace which overlooked that occupied by Louis XVIII.
He could, when he wished, look right into the window of the palace occupied by the aspirant to
the throne of France. He had arranged also to have agents on the field of battle despatch to him
by carrier pigeon information regarding the fighting. Nathan Rothschild also arranged to have
false information sent to England by carrier pigeons regarding the results of the battle. Once he
was sure Wellington had been victorious he had his agents inform the British public that
Wellington had been defeated and that Napoleon was on the rampage again. The fact that
carrier-pigeons played such an important role in this conspiracy gave birth to the expression
A little bird told me. (If a person in England asks another “Where did you get that information ?”
the person questioned will most likely say “Oh ! A little bird told me”, and let it go at that).
Nathan Rothschild’s little birds told lies of such magnitude, regarding the battle of Waterloo,
that the people of Britain went into a panic. The bottom dropped out of the stock market.
English pounds could be bought, for a Song
or a shilling. Values of everything fell to an all
time low. Nathan chartered a small vessel for the sum of £2,000 to take him from France to
England. Upon arrival he, and his financial associates, bought up all the stocks, bonds, shares,
other properties, and securities they could get their hands on. When the truth regarding
Wellington’s victory became known, values returned to normal. The International money-
lenders made astronomical fortunes.
Why they were not assassinated by some of the people they ruined is beyond comprehension.
As a token of their joy and gratitude for the marvellous feat of arms performed by Wellington
and Blücher, the Rothschilds LOANED England £18,000,000 and Prussia £5,000,000 of this ill-
gotten gain, TO REPAIR THE DAMAGES OF WAR. When Nathan Rothschild died in 1836, he had
secured control of the Bank of England and the National Debt which, after his big financial
killing in 1815, reached £885,000,000.
It is most unlikely that one Freemason in a thousand knows the TRUE
story of how the heads of the Grand Orient Illuminati infiltrated their agents into Continental Freemasonry. Because the facts related are the truth, the Grand Masters of English Freemasons have warned their Brother
Masons that they must have no truck with Grand Orient Masons or affiliate with them in any
way. The fact that The Revolutionary Illuminati established itself within Continental
Freemasonry, caused Pope Pius IX to publicly denounce Communism, and prohibit Catholics
from becoming Masons. To convince any reader, who may still have doubts, regarding the part
Freemasonry played in the French Revolution, part of a debate, which took place on the subject
in the French Chamber of Deputies in 1904, will be quoted. The Marquis of Rosanbe, after
some searching questions related to proving French Freemasonry was the author of the French
Revolution said : “We are then in complete agreement on the point that Freemasonry was the
only author of the revolution, and the applause which I receive from the
Left, and to which I am little accustomed, proves gentlemen, that you acknowledge with me that it was Masonry which
made the French Revolution ?”
To this statement M. Jumel, a well known Grand Orient Mason, replied : “We do more than
acknowledge it … we proclaim it”.
In 1923 at a big banquet attended by many men prominent in International Affairs, some of
whom were connected with the League of Nations organization, the President of the Grand
Orient gave this toast. — “To the French Republic, daughter of French Freemasonry. To the
universal republic of to-morrow, daughter of universal Masonry.”
To prove that The Grand Orient Freemasons have controlled French politics from 1923 onwards
a brief review of historical events will be given. The most important victory the International
Bankers gained, after their agents had acted as advisors to the political leaders who devised and
finally ratified the infamousTreaty of Versailles, was to have M. Herriot elected to power in
France in 1924. Every political policy dictated by the heads of Grand Orient Freemasonry in
1923 was put into effect by the Herriot Government within a year.
1. In January 1923 the G.O.L. (Grand Orient Lodges) decreed the suppression of the embassy to
the Vatican. The French Parliament carried out this order October 24th, 1924.
2. In 1923 the G.O.L. demanded the triumph of the idea of Laicity (this is the primary principle
essential to the establishment of the Grand Orient’s ideology of an Atheistic State) Herriot made his
public ministerial declaration in favour of this policy June 17th, 1924.
3. On January 31st, 1923 the G.O.L. demanded a full and complete amnesty for condemned
persons and traitors. Several prominent Communist leaders were to benefit, amongst them Marty
who afterwards became notorious as the organizer of the International Brigades which fought on
the Communist side in Spain 1936-39. The Chamber of Deputies voted for a general Amnesty July
15th, 1924 and thus turned loose on an unsuspecting society a number of International Gangsters
whose master was the Supreme Council of Grand Orient Masonry, the Illuminati.
4. In October 1922 the G.O.L. had started a campaign to popularize the idea that diplomatic
relations be opened with the
SOVIET Government as established in Moscow. This movement didn’t
get very far until after the election of M. Herriot to power. This Friendship with Russia campaign
was started in France when the Bulletine Official de la Grand Loge de France published an article
on the subject in the October issue of 1922 on page 286. Political relations were established with
the Communist Revolutionary Leaders by Herriot on October 28th, 1924.
The same forces of evil are advocating the recognition of Red China to-day.
 One of the leaders of the Grand Orient at this time was Leon Blum. He was being primed to
become a political instrument ready to do the bidding of his leaders. High-ranking members of
the Military Lodges in Spain who defected (after they found out they were being used as tools
by leaders of the W.R.M.), disclosed that every Grand Orient Mason was required to take an
oath of UNLIMITED OBEDIENCE to the head of the Council of Thirty Three and to recognize no
human as above him. An oath of this kind taken by an avowed atheist literally means that he
recognized the State as above everything else, and the head of the State as his God. A great deal
of detail about Grand Orient intrigue in France and Spain, from 1923 to 1939 is told in
The Spanish Arena written by William Foss and Cecil Gerahty and published by
The Right Book Club, London, England, in 1939. To establish continuity of the International Banker’s plot, it is
sufficient to touch on just a few highlights.
Leon Blum was born in Paris in 1872 of Jewish parents. He was noted for the part he played in
 the Dreyfus affair. He was elected French Premier June 1936. He retained office until June
1937. He was re-elected in March, and remained until April 1937. His supporters managed to
get him back into politics as Vice-Premier June 1937 to January 1938. Mendes-France is being
used the same way to-day.
During the whole of this time Leon Blum’s task was to mould French governmental policy so
that it would aid the plans of the leaders of the W.R.M. in regard to Spain. In order to throw
suspicion away from themselves the arch-conspirators made it appear that it was Franco, and his
military associates, who were the planners and plotters of the events which led up to the Civil
War in Spain. It is now proved that Stalin, and his revolutionary experts the Comintern, were
the conspirators who carried out the plans of The Secret Power
behind the W.R.M. They planned to duplicate what they had achieved in both the French Revolution in 1789, and the
Russian Revolution in 1917. As early as 1929 M. Gustave pointed out in his paper “La
Victoire” the truth regarding Leon Blum and his associates. He had the courage to declare :
“The Collectivist Party of Leon Blum, the second branch of Freemasonry … is not only anti-
religious, but a party of class-war, and of social revolution”.
Leon Blum put into effect the plans of the leaders of the W.R.M. to supply Spanish
Loyalists with arms, munitions, and finances. He was instrumental in keeping the Pyrenees open but he
followed a onesided policy of non-intervention … It only applied to the Nationalists of Franco’s
Evidence is produced, in the chapters dealing with the revolution in Spain, to prove that the
French and Spanish Grand Orient Lodges were the line of communications between the
directors of the W.R.M. and their agents in Moscow, Madrid and Vienna.
Should the reader think too much importance is being placed on the influence Grand Orient
Masonry has on International Affairs A.G. Michel, author ofLa Dictature de la Franc-
 Maçonnerie sur la France, gives evidence to prove that the Grand Orient of France decreed in
1924, to make The League of Nations “An international tool for Freemasonry”. Trotsky wrote
in his book Stalin : “To-day there is a Tower of Babel at the service of Stalin, and one of its
principal centres is Geneva, that hot-bed of intrigue.”
The importance of what Trotsky says lies in the fact that the accusations he made regarding the
evil influence of Grand Orient Masons within the League of Nations applies equally to the bad
influence they have in the United Nations to-day. The student who studies to-day’s happenings
in the United Nations will see their handiwork especially in regard to strange policies which just
don’t make sense to the average man-in-the-street. But these strange policies become extremely
clear if we study them to see how they will further the long range plan of the W.R.M. To do
this we only have to remember one or two important facts : First, that the Illuminati consider it
necessary to destroy all existing forms of constitutional government, regardless of whether they
be monarchy or republic; Second, that they intend to introduce a World Dictatorship just as
soon as they consider they are securely in position to usurp absolute control. M.J. Marques-
Rivière had this to say “The centre of the International Freemasons is at Geneva. The offices
of the International Masonic Association are at Geneva. This is the meeting place of delegates
of nearly all the forms of Masonry throughout the world. The interpretation of the League and
the I.M.A. is easy, apparent and confessed.”
One can well understand the exclamation in 1924 by Brother Barcia, Past Grand Master of the
Spanish Grand Orient, at the Convent of the Grand Orient when he returned from Geneva : “I
have assisted at the work of the commissions. I have heard Paul-Boncour, Jeuhaux, Loucheur,
de Jouvenal. All the French had the same spirit. Beside me were representatives of American
Freemasons, and they asked each other : ‘Are we in a secular assembly or a Masonic Order ? …
Brother Joseph Avenal is the Secretary-General of the League’.”
It is well to remember that the International Illuminati chose Geneva as their headquarters
nearly a century before the above event was recorded. They had, in accordance with their
policy, kept Switzerland a neutral nation in all international disputes because they had to have
one place where they could meet and instruct their agents who were doing their bidding and
carrying out their secret policies. The United States Government refused to join the League of
Nations. Certain interests promoted the Isolationist Policy. The Secret Powers were
determined to exploit those who honestly support the idea of a One World form of Super-
government to assure peace and prosperity. They determined to wreck the League of Nations
and substitute The United Nations. World War Two gave them this opportunity.
In 1946 theremnants of the League of Nations were picked up and used in the quilted pattern of the United
 Nations which included the U.S.S.Rs. and the U.S.A. as the two most powerful members. The
fact that the United Nations gave Israel to the Political Zionists, which they had been after for
half a century, and on the advice of these same men, turned over China, Northern Korea,
Manchuria, Mongolia, the Dutch East Indies, and parts of Indo-China, to Communist leaders,
proves how successfully the Secret Powers laid, and carried out, their plans.
It must be remembered that Lenin predicted that the forces of Communism would, in all probability, sweep
 over the western world from the East. People, who study the MERCATOR’S PROJECTION
 of the world, fail to understand how the nations of the Far East could sweep over the nations of the
Western world like a tidal wave. To those who study Global War, Lenin’s statements are as
clear as crystal. What is even more important — When Lenin had outlived his usefulness he
died, or was removed. Few people can understand how it was that Stalin, by a few ruthless,
murderous moves, removed all those who, by reason of their activities in the Russian
Revolution, were considered better qualified for leadership in the U.S.S.Rs, and usurped power
for himself.
Those who study the W.R.M. from the evidence presented in this book will understand why
Stalin was chosen to follow Lenin. The old Joint Stock Company principle was being put into
effect again. American and British Intelligence Officers had exposed the part the International
Bankers had played in the Russian Revolution, to their Governments. In April 1919 the British
Government had issued a White Paper on this subject. It was quickly suppressed, but a certain
amount of damage had been done. The International Bankers had been accused of financing
International Jewry to put their plans for an International Dictatorship into effect. The
The International Bankers had to find some means of countering these impressions and ideas. The
true picture of their utter ruthlessness is seen when it is pointed out that Stalin, a Gentile, was
chosen by the International money-lenders, and that, acting on their instructions, he put Trotsky
out of the way and proceeded to liquidate hundreds of thousands of Russian Jews in the
purges which put him in power, following Lenin’s death.
This should prove to sincere, but misguided people, everywhere, that the International Bankers, and their carefully selected agents and friends, don’t consider the MASSES of the people of any race, colour, or creed, as other than
 expendable pawns in the game.
It is true that many Jews became Communists and followers of
Karl Marx. They worked and fought to bring into being Karl Marx’s published theories for an
International of Soviet Socialist Republics. But they, like many Gentiles, were deceived. By
the time Stalin was firmly seated in Moscow as the head agent of the International Bankers, it
was difficult to find any members of the First and Second Internationals alive. The manner in
which the Arch-conspirators used Grand Orient Masons, and then had them liquidated as soon
as they had served their purpose, is just another illustration of the ruthlessness of those whose
only god is Satan.
Further evidence will be produced to prove that the International Bankers are not interested in
anything else other than obtaining for their own small and very select group, ultimate
undisputed control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world.
The only honest thought in any of their minds is that they obviously believe that they are so superior
in mental ability to the rest of mankind that they are better able, than any other group of
individuals, to manage the World’s affairs. They are convinced that they can work out a plan of
world government that is better than God’s plan. For this reason they are determined to
ultimately obliterate from the minds of all human beings all knowledge of God and of His
Commandments and substitute their own New Order
based on the theory that the State is Supreme in all things and the Head of the State is, therefore, God Almighty upon this earth.  The attempted deification of Stalin is proof of this statement. Once people become convinced
of this great truth they will realize that men of all races, colours, and creeds have been used, and
are still being used, as “Pawns in the Game”.
1 It is of interest to note. Protocols of Zion Number 15 reads “We execute Masons in such wise that none save the
brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of it” — and again “In this way we shall proceed with those
GOY masons who get to know too much”. E. Scudder, in his “Life of Mirabeau” says — “He (Mirabeau) died at a moment when the revolution might still have been checked”.
2 My investigations prove that the men who have constituted The Secret Powers
behind the scenes of International Intrigue and directed the W.R.M. and the Nazi plan for World Conquest, have not all been of Semitic origin or members of the Jewish religion. I feel certain they were all of the llluminati, regardless of racial origin. Money-Barons, Industrial Monopolists, Grasping Politicians, never hesitated to blame Jews and Gentiles alike, for the crimes they committed against humanity.
3 The volumes are never mentioned or reprinted with his other works. They are almost unobtainable. As the story
of The Secret Power unfolds the reader will realize the importance of this significant fact which illustrates how the
channels of publicity are controlled.
Pawns In The Game.  By William Guy Carr. 1958.

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