Railways Plan To Cull 10,000,000 Trees!

This is a bloke in a field reporting…

The Double-pronged Attack On HUMANITY … 5G & FRACKING

Amber Rudd’s brother Roland heads up the company that looks after the PR for Haylight

Roland Rudd‏Verified account @RolandRudd Apr 29
So proud of my sister Amber. She is so unselfish, compassionate, kind, trustworthy wish immense integrity. She is motivated by strong sense of public duty and when dust settles will be remembered for being a great Home Secretary in hugely difficult circumstances.

Sajid Javid corporatist turned politician
Shires are being broken up.

British Rail are planning to cull 10,000,000 trees?!
Rush to technocracy
Read Between Two Ages… time will come when government is essentially a technocracy

21st Century UK Politicians have ZERO integrity … they will lie, deceive & obfuscate to achieve whatever agenda is set by their Corporate paymasters. Amber Rudd is replaced as Home Secretary by Sajid Javid, a former Board member of Deutsche Bank, who entered politics in 2010 to further the Corporatist Agenda. Javid is replaced as Secretary of State for Housing, Communities & Local Government by James Brokenshire, who has only recently to parliament after under-going surgery for suspected Lung Cancer … will this Cancer-Survivor now prostitute himself and push the Government’s FRACKING agenda in the same way as his predecessor? … and then there’s 5G!!!!


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