Pernicious, Aggressive Agenda Against Human Normalcy

Mark Anderson of American Free Press…


…. made a guest appearance on UKC News on Friday. His contribution was excellent and some of his comment worth a post of its own.

32 mins in…
Mark Anderson, “… what David’s outlining there is typical of the world wide global consolidation movement, just like they want no national borders to free trade or to the migration of people, they  want no natural grass roots God given borders to gender identity or to sexuality or to anything. Any kind of borders, any kind of boundaries are wrong in this globalist mind set. It’s interesting too, as David pointed out correctly, if this were just about protection under the law, that would be one thing, but this is a pernicious, aggressive agenda against the entire concept of normalcy in human relations and human affairs. The real aggressors, the real haters are those behind this agenda and of course, they use the projection technique that anyone who opposes them is phobic, trans-phobic, homophobic… when the exact opposite is true; they’re the ones enveloped in fear and hatred, and people who oppose this, that disagree, are not phobic, they don’t fear this in the true sense of fear. They disagree with it and we have the right to disagree, but they give the distinct impression that we have no right to dissent…”

David Scott: “I thought that was beautifully and accurately put, thank you very much for that.”


38 mins…
Mark Anderson: “… Nurtured, Healthy, Achieving, Safe, Active, Respected, Responsible, Included… when you hear the word ‘Included’ in this context, think the opposite, think excluded. They will exclude anyone who disagrees with this politically correct mamsy-pams by stuff
and those that have a more traditional view of education and how to heal our culture of its ills and all the things they claim to be pursuing.. when you hear inclusion, think exclusion; that’s the Orwellian element here.”




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