Parents take their kids back

Would I call in response to an amber alert where the parents took their kids back from the state? ANSWER: HELL NO. This appears to be a classic case (I will dissect this)

AMBER ALERT: 2 children abducted from Tucson after DCS worker duct-taped to tree

Police said the father assaulted a DCS worker and tied her to a tree. The parents then took off with their two young children. TUCSON, Ariz. – A 5-year-old and a 7-month-old child were abducted from Tucson after their father threatened a Department of Child Services worker with a stun gun and duct-taped her during a supervised visit.

Police said the children’s father, Luis Alberto G. Herrera-Ramirez, assaulted the DCS aid and tied her to a tree, then he and the mother took off with their two young children. The DCS aid was tied to the tree for 30 minutes to an hour until a passerby stopped to help.

The 7-month-old, Kahmila Ramirez, was last seen wearing a white onesie with yellow ruffles. Luis Ramirez Jr., 5, was last seen wearing a gray and white polo shirt and khaki pants.

The suspects have been identified as Andrea Vanessa Ramirez and Luis Alberto G. Herrera-Ramirez.

The vehicle they are driving is described as a green 1996 Toyota Camry with Arizona license plate BKH8427.

The suspects are considered dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend them. Call 911 with any information.

My comment: I hope they made a successful “run for the border”. The state is wrong in this case – here’s how you know

1. Mexicans are very pro family. The state, NO.

2. The actual blood parents took the kids.

3. From the pictures in the report, they were normal people, there’s no drugs or high crime going on here. Looks like a good mom.

4. No reason for why the children were taken by the state was given in the report, nor was there any criminal background given.

And here’s the clincher, which proves the state is a liar:

5. The suspects are “considered dangerous!! HA HA, WHAT A JOKE. How can the state claim the suspects are “dangerous” when up until now they have no criminal record, and all they did was tie the social worker to a tree? “Dangerous” would be a justified comment if they blew the social worker’s brains out.

6. No information was provided in any report (so far) for why the state took the kids. If there was a good reason, it would have been published up front, in the first reports.

Additionally: The “taser” they used was not a “TASER”, it was only a flashlight with a sparker on the end of it. These are rock stupid and sold all over Mexico for as little as $5. They basically have mosquito racket guts and the spark jumps a gap that is about 1/16 inch. Yeah, you would feel it, but knock you out? HELL NO. I don’t like those flashlights because it is too easy to get zapped when fumbling in the dark for a light. You simply cannot make a legit claim that the couple was “dangerous”.

My message for this couple: I hope you learned your lesson about “how great America is” after you actually had to deal with the state the same way white people do. Grandma is waiting with a comfy bed south of the border. STAY IN MEXICO. Thank you.

Too bad Americans don’t have a “grandma waiting in Mexico” for when the state takes their kids (if they ever even get to see them again, usually they don’t) because after all, the state has gotta feed that “frazzledrip” from somewhere!



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