Marked increase in deaths in England and Wales in 2018

Numbers dying in Q1 in England and Wales up by over 10%, including increases in infant mortality.

Why?  One reason might be that the NHS is short of staff to the tune of 100,000.

TAP – Another could be a tendency to put people on the ‘pathway’ to death when they could easily live more years.  An increase in pathway numbers would explain adult deaths.  An NHS doctor recently admitted that 30% of NHS deaths were euthanasia (which is a very high figure). 

But infants?  Could vaccinations be becoming more deadly?  There has to be a reason somewhere.  The effects on those that I see, is to disable their mental and emotional capabilities, making it easier to control them as they grow.  You see many kids either overly aggressive or overly afraid.  These are symptoms of vaccination, same as autism.  More infants dying would also be another likely result of such a programme of social control.

Common Purpose are running the corporatist local authority, health and government systems in the UK, including their policy of deliberately accelerating rates of death.

The Office of National Statistic show plans are in place to halve Britain’s population by 2025.

TAP –  Another thing you notice is weather constantly yo-yoing between hot and cold.  In the gold old days, once a cold spell was over, that was usually it and you enjoyed a different spell of weather.  Now you can flip between the two several times over weeks.  This is far more stressful to cope with.  Cold is no problem.  So too hot.  But endless flipping between them is.  They can arrange this scenario by directing the jet stream using HAARP technology, at the flick of a switch.


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