Marie Antoinette and the diamond necklace

…..After the secret documents found on the body of the Illuminati’s Courier had been read by the police, the
documents were passed on to the Bavarian Government. The Bavarian Government ordered the
police to raid the headquarters of the Illuminati. Further evidence was obtained which exposed
the wide-spread ramifications of the World Revolutionary Movement. The Governments of
France, England, Poland, Germany, Austria and Russia were informed of the International
Nature of the revolutionary plot, but as has happened repeatedly since, the governments
concerned took no serious action to stop the diabolical conspiracy. Why ? The only answer to
this question is this : The power of the men behind the world revolutionary movement is greater
than the power of any elected government. This fact will be proved time and time again as the
story unfolds.
The malevolent men who plot and plan the W.R.M. have an another advantage over decent
people. The average person, who believes in God and finds pleasure and enjoyment in the
beautiful things with which God has blessed us, just cannot bring himself, or herself, to believe
a diabolical plan of hatred and revenge could be conceived by human beings. Although all
Christians believe most sincerely that the Grace of God enters their own souls as the result of
attending their religious services, receiving the Sacraments, and saying their prayers, they
cannot make themselves believe that through the ceremonies and Rites of the Illuminati, be it
the Semitic Cabala or the Aryan Pagan Grand Orient type, the Devil does inoculate his evil
influence and powers into the hearts and souls of the men and women who accept, as their
religion, Satanism or atheism, and put the theories of their High Priests into practice.
A few illustrations will be given to show how individuals and governments have remained just
as stupid and naive in regard to warnings given them concerning the evil mechanism of the real
leaders of the World Revolutionary Movement.
After various governments failed to act on the information made known by the Bavarian police
in 1785, the sister of Marie Antoinette wrote her personal letters warning her of the
revolutionary plot; the connection of the International Bankers; the part Freemasonry was
destined to play, and her own danger. Marie Antoinette (1755 – 1793) was the daughter of the
Emperor Francis I of Austria. She married Louis XVI of France. She just couldn’t bring herself
to believe the terrible things her own sister told her were being plotted by the Illuminati. To the
repeated warnings sent by her sister, Marie Antoinette wrote long letters in reply. In regard to
her sister’s claim that evidence had been obtained that the Illuminati operating under the guise
of Philanthropic Freemasonry planned to destroy both the Church and State in France, Marie
Antoinette replied : “I believe that as far as France is concerned, you worry too much about
Freemasonry. Here it is far from having the significance it may have elsewhere in Europe.”
How wrong she proved to be is a matter of history. Because she refused consistently to heed
her sister’s repeated warnings she and her husband died under the guillotine.
Between 1917 and 1919 the British Government was given full particulars regarding the
international bankers who were at that time The Secret Power behind the W.R.M. The
information was submitted officially by British Intelligence Officers, American Intelligence
Officers and confirmed by Mr. Oudendyke and Sir M. Findlay. Mr. Oudendyke was the
representative of the Netherlands Government in St. Petersburg (now Leningrad) at the time.
He looked after Britain’s interests after The Mob had wrecked the British Embassy, and killed
Commander E.N. Cromie. This aspect of the W.R.M. is dealt with in detail in subsequent
chapters on Russia.
The majority of students of history believe Marie Antoinette was a woman who entered fully
into the spirit and gaiety of the French Court. It is generally accepted as a fact that she engaged
in many affairs d’amour with her husband’s close friends, and indulged in reckless
extravagances. That is the picture Balsamo and his propagandists painted of her. The fact that
they made their L’Infamie stick enabled them to have the mob demand her life.
But their version of the conduct of Marie Antoinette is a pack of lies, as historians have proved. The
fortitude with which she bore the sufferings inflicted upon her by her enemies, the dignity with
which she met her fate, and the resignation and courage with which she offered up her life on
the scaffold, cannot be reconciled with the characteristics of a wanton woman.
In order to defame Marie Antoinette, Weishaupt and Mendelssohn thought up the idea of the
Diamond Necklace.
At the time, the financial resources of France were at their lowest ebb and
the government of France was begging the International Money-Barons to grant them further
credit. A secret agent of the arch-conspirators ordered a fabulous diamond necklace to be made
by the Court Jewellers. The order for this necklace, the estimated value of which was a quarter
of a million livres, was placed in the name of the Queen. When the Court Jewellers brought the
Diamond Necklace to the Queen for her acceptance she refused to have anything to do with it.
She disclaimed all knowledge of the transaction. But the news of the fabulous necklace leaked
out as the plotters intended it should. Balsamo put his propaganda machine into operation.
Marie Antoinette was deluged with criticism; her character was smeared; her reputation
dragged in the mire by a whispering campaign of character assassination. And, as usual,
nobody could ever put a finger on the person or persons who started the slanders. After this
build-up, Balsamo uncorked his own special master-piece. His printing presses turned out
thousands upon thousands of pamphlets which claimed a secret lover of the Queen’s had sent
the necklace as a mark of appreciation for her favours.
But those who operated L’Infamie thought up even more diabolical slanders to circulate
regarding the Queen. They wrote a letter to Cardinal Prince de Rohan to which they forged the
signature of the Queen. In the letter he was asked to meet her at the Palais Royal about
midnight to discuss the matter of the diamond necklace. A prostitute from the Palais Royal was
engaged to disguise herself as the Queen, and involve the Cardinal. The incident was played up
in newspapers and pamphlets and the foulest innuendoes were circulated involving two of the
highest personages of both Church and State.
History records that after the diamond necklace had served its foul purpose it was taken over to
England and taken apart. A Jew named Eliason is said to have retained the majority of the
valuable diamonds used in its original composition.
William Guy Carr.   Pawns In The Game.

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