Man in a field – ‘local democracy is no longer tolerated by central government’.

Brokenshire and Clark’s removal of all local participation in fracking decisions has caused panic, but it was all entirely predictable.  Five years ago Ian Crane predicted this move would be made.  Planning Officers are being manipulated by the Unconventional Gas Industry, with more than one being subsequently recruited by the Oil and Gas Companies after pushing decisions against local opposition.  The industry is putting enormous pressure onto central government, and it believes it has won a massive victory by the announcement by Brokenshire and Clark that local opposition will be bypassed.

Southern MPs are selling out northern constituencies.  Yet MP from up north, Holinsnake, is claiming he’s against the moves, when he did his best to crush local democracy when the developers were pushing to frack in his constituencies.

In fact this has stimulated a lot of discussion.  Lee Rowley MP has said he and Holinsnake are going to oppose the measure.  If they can take away local input on fracking, what else can they take away local democracy about?

They need the people to participate, to support opposition to stop the corporations from being allowed to control local authorities.  Local communities must participate, and do whatever is necessary to stop them.  Or we will never have a way to control our own lives.  Civil disobedience become a necessity and a duty, when the corporations get the upper hand.  They only get the upper hand because of the apathy of the communities the corporations are targeting.

Centrica are struggling.  Share price is at one third of where it was three years ago.  They lost 500,000 customers in the last twelve months.  They’re rolling out smart meters, cutting costs.  They are known as ‘the least popular company in the UK’.  In fact few people have heard of Centrica yet it owns British Gas.  Centrica and an Australian company (AJ Lucas) are prime financiers of Cuadrilla, which is the only company which might yet start a frack in 2018.   Environmental disasters are most likely to be the result if they do.  It’s time now to focus on Centrica.  The CE of Centrica saw is pay halved to £1.7 million a year.  Let’s see his salary halved again by encouraging yet more companies to leave Centrica.  Once Cuadrilla is seen as the catastrophe that it is, and the viability of the industry is realised to be lower than zero, the fracking industry can be moved into its coffin, and nailed down once and for all.

500 metre exclusion zone being implemented from residential sites, and 850 metres exclusion zone from geological faults.  Professor Styles is talking in House Of Lords committee rooms at 2pm tomorrow on this.

On the ground get down to Tinker Lane in Nottinghamshire, and Preston New Rd in Lancashire, to assist local communities.  Chemtrail pollution must be having effect on climate and health, but no one is talking much about them.

TAP – I played cricket yesterday – stiff as anything today and overnight!  Chemtrails were overhead all day.  The air was not as clear as it used to be years ago.  What are we breathing?  Aluminium particulates?  The attack on humanity is multi-pronged.


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