Killing people environmentally is not something to be discussed by mere proles like us.

AV9 is starting tomorrow morning.  A few day visitor spaces left.  Euthanasia discussion is running in Guernsey, not being reported within the UK.  Lord Falconer is leader of the debate, Blair’s former flatmate, who has huge hold over Blair and others.

In Liverpool, this week, as a parent, the State regards you as little more than a babysitter.  You have no rights.  Alfie situation needs to be checked into.

5G meetings in various councils.

Some Councils are rejecting applications to drill wells.  Leith Hill etc.

North Of England – public enquiries ongoing.  Communities very much in opposition.  Will Communities Minister support these – Mr Brokenshaw?  The Remembrancer is rep of City Of London in Parliament.  City Of London operates outside Parliamentary Law.

5G is coming into people’s vocabulary.  It represents a threat to all life, not just human life.  4G is working well.  5G is totally different, an invasive technology designed to monitor and control everything.  5G is being rolled out already.  The Isle Of Wight has volunteered to be a 5G test bed.  Added to this is LED street lighting which is being fitted with 5G transmitters.

Young generation is neutered through debt slavery.  How can the young be re-energised to understand the technocratic agenda?  and fight against it.

Labour and Tories are two wings of the same bird.  Leaders are mere puppets of the establishment.  The whole political paradigm has to change.


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