Keep faith. Their fakes will not save them.

Fake Police Brutality

The wires led with a story today about a woman on a New Jersey beach being repeatedly hit by cops for underage drinking talking back to them. It made front pages worldwide within hours. That is your first red flag and your first clue. I encourage you to watch the video, since the hitting isn’t happening. No one is getting hit, so you will not be shocked by the violence. You will only be shocked by how obvious the fake is. The policeman is completely pulling the punches, and his hands barely even graze the girl during the hits.

Some will say, “It looks pretty bad to me,” but these are people that have never been in a fight or been hit. When a 200-pound man hits a 120-pound girl in the face with a closed fist, he is normally going to knock her out with one or two punches. The girl here clearly isn’t hurt at all, and we can easily see that is because the cop is pulling the punches. But why punch someone if you aren’t really going to punch them? Why not just hold her hands and cuff her? They had three cops there, all of them men far larger than Emily, and this girl was not large or strong. So none of this makes any sense. Do you really think three trained cops can’t arrest one little girl, even if she is resisting? That is six strong arms against two weak arms. You don’t need to punch her, do you, or drop her to the ground? You just twist her arm in that annoying cop way until it hurts, and then she is a kitten.

So what is going on here? Our first clue? The name of the girl is given as Emily Weinman. So we have yet another Jewish actress, taking part in another Jewish stageplay. But why? Why would they fake police brutality? Many reasons. One, notice they have hired someone to say over and over “stop resisting”. It is a woman’s voice, but no female officers are there. So who is saying that? Was it added later? I see no evidence Emily is resisting (except by walking away), but that doesn’t matter since the important thing here is not the policemen or the girl, it is you. They want you to get the message: stop resisting. The message: whatever the police or anyone else tells you, don’t resist. Just say yes sir and go limp. That is where they want you. They want you to be a ragdoll the rest of your natural—or unnatural—life. Also notice they tell you Emily didn’t want to give her name to the officers. That is part of this play as well. They don’t want you to know you have any rights, especially the right to remain silent. Two, they don’t care if you are shocked or offended, as long as you are very afraid of the cops. This is another creation of terror, you see. State-sponsored and state-administered terror. Yes, it is fake violence in this case, but for most people it will work just as well as the real thing. They won’t want to get beat up by the cops for minor infractions like underage drinking (or talking), so they will police themselves. It is another psychological operation, you see. They want you policing yourself, due to fear of a beating. This keeps you in line without them having to do anything real. Three, it once again plays into the “Men are Pigs” project, since of course this fake-violent policeman is a man. So it makes women distrust men further, adding to the already bloated economy of compensating products for sexless people. Four, if you are following this, you aren’t following real events. They have to have a certain number of fake promoted events each week, enough to fill up the front pages, so they don’t have to report on important real events.

We see more evidence of the conjob by looking at what Emily Weinman was charged with: “aggravated assault by spitting”. There is no such thing as aggravated assault by spitting, so this is a joke. Look up

the definition of aggravated assault, which is a form of assault that causes serious injury or involves a weapon. Spit is not a weapon. So these charges don’t look to be coming out of a real police department, which should know what “aggravated” means. These charges look to have been invented by some Hollywood scriptwriters.

Also suspicious is that the policeman’s own lapel camera footage was already posted on Youtube within 24 hours of the first film. Doesn’t it seem odd that the police would release that so quickly? And the cop is admitting he punched her in the face. In a real event he wouldn’t do that, because, no, he isn’t allowed to do that. The girl is right: a cop isn’t allowed to punch girls in the face, especially for minor infractions—or no infractions. If she gets rowdy and he has to arrest her, he twists her arm or something, he doesn’t punch her in the face, so it is doubly suspicious that she points this out during the fracas, and that he admits it. And that we have it on multiple cameras. It looks and sounds scripted to me.

I encourage you to study the footage released by the police. It looks even worse than the first footage posted by “a bystander”. In it, the police are clearly in the wrong, since she passes the breathalyzer. She doesn’t attack them, they attack her. She wasn’t resisting arrest, because they never even said you are under arrest. They simply assaulted her for absolutely no reason. Her aunt and husband are nearby and are adults, so the cops should have waited for them to arrive. Given that the police’s own footage is clearly incriminating against them, why would they release it within 24 hours? Does that sound like a smart things to do? Is that what guilty police departments normally do?

Also notice that the video contradicts the police claims of spitting. Yes, Emily spits at them, but only after they have illegally assaulted her. You would have spit and screamed at them, too, at that point. To be able to charge her with any kind of assault, she would have needed to have attacked them and spit on them before they illegally assaulted her. If this were real, it would be a slam-dunk win for any attorney against the police and Emily would win thousands and maybe millions. And maybe that is the point: maybe Emily Weinman’s family knows someone in the police department, and this whole event was staged to steal money out of the local treasury. It may be another inside job. Remember, when the police have to pay out these claims, where do you think the money comes from? It comes from city coffers, which are filled by taxdollars. Local citizens will be paying Emily for this fake beating. If you don’t think that kind of con is a possibility, you aren’t keeping up. For a quick education, simply go rewatch The Sting and Paper Moon. This kind of con is being run all the time by top families against treasuries at all levels, though the con is usually much larger than this one.*

And I draw your attention to another strange thing: the male “bystander” in black shorts who tries to intervene. . . has a baby in his arms. If this were real and you were trying to protect Emily from vicious cops, would you do that with a baby in your arms? You wouldn’t put the baby down before you waded in there?

Also suspicious is what Emily allegedly posted on social media, which post we are told was taken down soon afterwards. Still, it was saved by someone and is being republished all over the place. Problem is, it doesn’t match what we see in the video. The Emily we see in the video is very pretty, looks wealthy, has an upperclass accent, acts privileged, and is very sure of herself and defiant. The Emily in the social media post comes across as lowerclass, trashy, uneducated, and conciliatory. We have a complete lack of continuity in the story and in the script. In other places, we are told Emily has a police record, including burglary. After seeing and hearing her, I find that very hard to believe. She looks to me like a pretty, rich Jewish girl and a very good actress.

And the reason the social media post was taken down? Due to the timing, she couldn’t have made it. Do you think they offered her computer access at the police station? Given all those serious charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer—and her alleged previous record—there is no way she would be released immediately. They would hold her overnight, then the next day she would be taken before a judge and bond would be set. Only then would her family be able to take her away.

The stories from police are just as lacking in continuity. We are told three videos from police exist, although at least one cuts in and out. We are told at least one officer turned off his camera, which is illegal. Watching the videos that have been posted, I believe this event may have been run multiple times, to be sure everything important in the script made it on film.

This also explains why the event took place on sand. Part of the script called for this fake tackle of Emily by the cop. Well, she doesn’t want to get hurt in this scene, right, so that is why they ran it on the beach. You can get tackled on the beach and it doesn’t hurt at all, as long as the guy tackling you doesn’t fall hard on the back of your leg or something.

Another indication this story is being sold? Most outlets are leading with the headline that a girl in a bikini is getting hit by cops. The problem? She isn’t wearing a bikini. She is wearing shorts over a one-piece. But they figure if you don’t notice any of these other anomalies, you won’t notice that either. Most people don’t notice much of anything. You probably saw the same videos I did. How much did you notice before I told you?

So, am I saying all police brutality, intimidation, or over-reacting is fake? Of course not. I have been on the receiving end of it myself. They once had me spread-eagled on the ground with four cop cars as backup for jaywalking. And the punchline? . . . I didn’t jaywalk. They made it up. I wasn’t armed, hadn’t been drinking, nothing. So they had to let me go. Anyway, the point is, cops are often on power trips, and they do sometimes assault people for no reason. But in the case of Emily Weinman, I don’t see that. The whole thing stinks of a con to me. The most suspicious thing is that they never actually arrest her. Even after they take her to the car, no one ever says “you are under arrest”. So the whole event isn’t technically an arrest. It is just an extended unbelievable asssault by three men in uniform on a hot 20-year-old on the beach. Believe it if you want to, but I don’t.

Well, then what should be on the front page instead of this? Some will say I am misdirecting too, since I am writing about this. No, I am redirecting your gaze away from this and back toward the big things. Which are? The death of science, the death of art, the looting of worldwide treasuries by the rich, the falsification of history, and so on. As just one specific example, whatever happened to the LIBOR scandal and surrounding scandals, where we found out the banks have rigged pretty much everything and are stealing trillions in a wide variety of illegal schemes? Funny how we haven’t gotten any updates on that. As usual, the trillionaire families got off by paying some small fines and it was all swept under the rug. No one went to jail and we may assume they are still doing it, simply rerouting the stolen money in slightly different paths. What about 911? Why wasn’t anyone ever prosecuted for that? It is now 17 years later, and nothing was ever done, except a faked killing of Osama bin Laden. Thousands of people should have been subpoenaed for that, including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Silverstein, Guiliani, Rice, Bush, the Joint Chiefs, and about half the Intel agencies. What about TARP and PPIP and all those other scams, by which various big companies illegally dipped into the treasury? Did they do anything about that? Any updates on that? No, the only thing they did is raise the debt ceiling, so they could steal more. What about the growing disparity between the rich and poor? Yes, we get the occassional weak-kneed reporting on that, admitting it exists, but nothing beyond that. No one is rash enough to suggest that it could be solved by preventing the rich from stealing so much so easily. All

we would have to do is pass some laws and enforce them. Is that too complicated for you? Instead of using the military to harass the third world and the American middle class, we could use it to locate the illegal stashes of the billionaires and trillionaires, returning the stolen monies to the people. Is that too complicated for you? Instead of using Intel to manufacture the media and the news, we could hire it to crack down on real fraud of all kinds, forcibly relocating all the caught criminals onto organic farms, where they would be compelled to help us grow healthy and natural food without chemicals. They could start with the owners and upper management of GoldmanSachs, JPMorganChase, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, PhilipMorris, Dupont, Monsanto, Freeport McMoRan, Pfizer, Glaxo, Merck, Abbott, and so on. Is that too complicated for you?

It isn’t complicated, but I honestly don’t see it happening. Why? Because I don’t see any strong honest people left. They simply don’t exist, not in government, not in military, not in Intel, and not anywhere else. Yes, there are some relatively decent people left in the world, but they don’t get into positions of power, and they aren’t a majority. So the probability that Congress will somehow magically be repopulated by conscientious people, who will then pass sensible laws, is zero. It ain’t gonna happen. But that doesn’t mean I have lost all hope. I hope to continue to see the rich and powerful self-destruct in ever more fantastic ways, which they will. Although the most prominent destructions right now— like that of Harvey Weinstein—appear to be fake, behind the scenes the destructions are very real. Vice eats away at these people, with no help from you or me. We do not need to curse them, since they have cursed themselves. Nature takes these people down, and she is far more relentless and pitiless than any human could ever be. So do not lose faith. That is what they want you to do. Remember, the value of life is not judged on a worldwide scale, a nationwide scale, or a citywide scale. It is judged one soul at a time. The unjust may have fooled you into thinking they have prospered, but they never have—not even once. Although you should help others as widely as you can, you cannot right the world and are not responsible for its wrongs. You are responsible only for your own uprightness. See to that and all else will take care of itself.

*It happened at Sandy Hook, remember, where millions were paid out without anyone even having to file suit. The city and state just started handing out cash, even though the entire event was staged. It happens in many of these staged events. Even the fake trials are a cash cow, as in Boston or Aurora. The whole thing is staged, but everyone still gets paid from state monies.

by Miles Mathis


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