Islamic Community Centre Hosts Banned Event: Media On Trial

Mark Anderson: “This was a great event event. A grand day… Mike Robinson has filmed it, I’ve numerous photographs, it has been chronicled…”

… thank you Islamic community centre. I do not do Abrahamic belief systems, but I do acknowledge when people step up to the plate and support truth, open discussion.

Patrick Henningsen: A functioning democracy? We have to have a meeting in a tent behind a community centre.

Vanessa Beeley: Russians have lost numbers in liberating Syria. Russia has given lives, made sacrifices to liberate Syria.

In 2018 Leeds authorities stop 2 venues from holding this event.

Jon Snow… every time I see that interview, accusation, it just gets worse.

These are screen shots…


A still from a  ‘fake’ film about a chemical weapon attack in Syria…


Channel 4’s Jon Snow demonstrating failings as a journalist…


Vanessa talking about the first sun rise over a free Damascus…


End questions…


4 Responses to “Islamic Community Centre Hosts Banned Event: Media On Trial”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Snow – blanketing.

    Just watched new video on dando’s assassination. very good. paid for until october, when it will be made generally available. Serb thing I fell for was a deception. Which means some people sending to this blog were hired to deceive. Great work by Richard D Hall.

  2. NPP says:

    Snow? You mean real snow?

    Any clues then on Dando?

    • Tapestry says:

      John Snow.
      Re Dando – I can’t reveal what is still protected information. Richard D Hall has as usual done a great job. His case is convincing.

      • NPP says:

        Snow!!! Silly sod me… I woke up to news of rain and lightening and could see no signs. I was having weird weather confusion moment. Even had a phone call checking if we were OK after the rain. What rain?

        Jon Snow’s interview is unbelievably appalling.

        Yes, Hall is frequently interesting. His dry humour can also lighten the dark content.

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