I’m Gay! What’s Your Super Power? Knitting!

This episode included much about Scotland. I am tempted to conclude Scotland is a hub of cultural Marxism and having an idea of the cultural Marxism that swept into Russia early 1900’s, back into €urope and today infests communities globally, this gross accompanying image came to mind: a knitted patchwork octopus dancing a highland jig with some kind of mixed identity cross gendered heshe character. Plus, the idea that MI6 is advertising for recruitment and specifically targeting immigrants. is mind boggling. Last night I heard Eric Pickles being interviewed about:
YouTuber Alison Chabloz guilty over anti-Semitic songs
… a woman is being criminalised because of her songs. For goodness sake, we beat Hitler to be free to tolerate unpalatable thoughts, didn’t we? If you do not want to listen, do not engage. I have little desire to listen to her songs, but I certainly have no desire to incarcerate her for them.

Also last night I heard BBC R4 Any Questions panelists call Trump of lacking attention span and being a narcissist. It seems that if you are unpleasant toward the correctly designated character or group, it is encouraged and applauded. Otherwise, the social justice warrior gang will be hard on your case. By the way, Melanie Shaw remains in prison in Treason May’s Britain.

Pre show chat box…

Weather comments… well, we are British, whatever British is; technically a British passport holder?

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Mark Anderson in studio…. edit:
Pernicious, Aggressive Agenda Against Human Normalcy

Pernicious, Aggressive Agenda Against Human Normalcy

North Korea went nuts over John Bon Zolton Bolton and Mike Pensive Pence. Trump cancelled.
Washington Post subs only:
Mark: accusations are just claims by White House. No documented statements from North Korea.
North Korea blows up tunnels at Punggye-ri nuclear test site
I might recommend Red Ice and Ry Dawson for comment on Korea:

MI6 ad! Targeting immigrant status? They are looking foreign intelligence!
MI6 airs TV ads to recruit more women and ethnic minorities

Emotional intelligence… Common Purpose

Brooke Bond Advert – Bond 007 (3) 1980’s

Media On Trial!!!…. this weekend.

GDPR: US news sites unavailable to EU users over data protection rules
Govt legislation:

Efforts by the UK Home Office to digitise the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) amount to “a masterclass in incompetence,” according to a damning report by the government’s spending watchdog.

Court Reform… to hear views of the legal profession
Justice Matters!

Who is the consumer? The legal profession. The system!
How Small Data Can Improve Access to Justice for the Poor
Foreclosure forgery? It’s a legal syndicate.
One World Justice: WJP Rule of Law Index 2017–2018

CAFCASS… represents children in family court cases.

New chairperson at CAFCASS: background of adoption is conflict of interest?

Sally’s background is in finance and business and she has 20 years’ experience

David Scott follows his local Perth Twitter feed…
About PK Community Watch
Perth & Kinross Twitter

… and some how this cropped up:
I’m Gay, What’s Your Super Power?

chat box: Similar to this, got an invite posted through my letterbox
It’s easy to stay connected to your neighbourhood, wherever you are.

No limits.
Gay Frogs (Alex Jones REMIX)

Extreme Social Justice Warrior Territory
Freedom House
Who We Are
We are dedicated to the idea that people can live in harmony with one another and the natural world. We believe respect for diversity among peoples and in nature is essential to a positive future for our planet and all its inhabitants.
… yet more LGBT

David says it was a few steps from Perth Twitter to CFR In America

No Borders No Boundaries! Aggressive agenda against normality.
Anyone who opposes is homophobic, transphobic, thisphobic, thatphobic…

chat box recommends E. Michael Jones:

Scotland. Mr. Swinney and The Named Person thingy
… avoid dissent
MSPs demand answers from Swinney over witness ‘tampering’
The Party System first. The People Next.

What is the definition of well being?
Cross Reach create the knitted octopus
chat box: they charge sixquid furra calamari lol
Who are Cross Reach…
CrossReach creates Cal the Octopus to support work with children

When you hear inclusion, think exclusion

INEOS fracking Scotland sue Scottish Govt.
Fracking not banned

The Nationalist in Scotland are not Nationalists but Internationalists
£4,100 @ if Scotland go independent… Indy-flation
Headline: 150,000 Scots never did a day’s work in their lives
Independent Scotland would introduce a new currency
Independent will let go off the national debt
How can you take the nickle without the noose?
Come To Scotland Collect £4.100 Join MI6!
SNP commission proposes income tax breaks to get immigrants to move to independent Scotland

Bilderberg ın Turin, Italy
Global Cities on the agenda
Trans-Atlantic Defence Alliance
Growth of populism

Mike Robinson, Mark Anderson and David Scott with today’s UK Column News.


START – North Korea: Trump cancels June 12 summit…
Is North Korea really a threat…?
North Korean and South Korean leaders still plan to meet
China ‘disinvited’ from major US military exercise over South China Sea
09:27 – MI6 advertising on British television for the first time
Pure Intelligence: a Common Purpose agenda
Parliamentary oversight diminishing daily…
13:15 – Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
13:59 – GDPR: data protection update
Centralisation of personal data enables easy sharing between platforms
18:25 – Court reform: Justice Matters – is it really customer-driven…?
Who is the customer…?
23:07 – Cafcass: an independent organisation…
A huge conflict of interest: who is Sally Cheshire…?
25:16 – Fresh Start Foundation events: 26 May, Kirkcaldy; 9 June, Greenock
26:20 – Perth pupils taught how to handle emergency situations
Who are Neighbourhood Alert…?
Freedom House: founded in 1941…linked to Council on Foreign Relations
Phobias: a reality or just disagreement…?
33:35 – John Swinney faces questions over ‘witness interference’
The Times: row over Named-Person ‘nobbling’ intensifies
Holyrood staff refuse to hand over Named-Person witnesses
Crossreach: cuddly toy creates ‘wellbeing’ but…still no definition
Church of Scotland now promoting government propaganda
38:30 – Scotland: fracking ban in place…or not…?
40:14 – Scottish independence referendum update
Evidence of increasing voter bribery at work
SNP inviting the world to come to Scotland = Scottish replacement therapy
48:46 – Bilderberg 2018: Turin, Italy is the venue, populism is the ‘problem’

Last show:
UKC: Noviagra: An Erection That Won’t Go Away!

UKC: Noviagra: An Erection That Won’t Go Away!


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