Frackers big push this week is act of desperation.

TTP by the back door.   The frackers hope to get a rubber stamp to neither articles 10 and 11 of the Human Rights Act – Rights to expression and assembly.  The courts have granted a right of appeal against Justice Morgan’s decision.  The appeal will take place in Manchester at the civil courts Thursday 10.30am this week.  Time and dates given at about 4 minutes.  The attempt is to stop all effective protest.

Tinker Lane, North Nottinghamshire, is imminent for development.  There are now two camps – one at Tinker Lane, as well as the earlier one at Misson Springs since January.  Bringing in massive infrastructure will be attempted (maybe) during half term.

Actions in Lancashire over weekend.  Details given of 41 hour long lock-on.

Cheshire threatened.  Silica sand extraction quarry is planned.  Designated site in beautiful area.  Fine silica sand is so fine it will lead to respiratory problems throughout the area.  Also silicosis inevitable.  Will Cheshire people be happy to become sacrificial victims?  Norfolk is another targeted area.  Cheshire saw off IGAS for now.  The silica is the propellant in the frack fluid.

Busy week ahead.  Preston New Rd needs protecting with bigger numbers.  Also Tinker Lane near Bligh.

Earthquakes, Contamination & Water Shortages … Yet the Mother-Frackers & the UK Government still thinks the population of England is either too dumb or simply couldn’t give a damn … They just don’t get that some of us have done the research and will do whatever we can to protect the Ecology for future generations!


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