Do Not Even Think About MEDİA ON TRİAL!

… because it features very naughty speakers so avoid Leeds, Sunday 27th May 2018 between 2-5pm (doors open 1.30pm) at all cost.

Do not pay any attention to
Media on Trial…
… and certainly, under no circumstances look at:

Do not read or listen to anything promoting Media On Trial.

It will feature anti-Semolinaics such as the very naughty Professor Piers Robinson, Chair of Politics, Society and Political Journalism at Sheffield University, equally naughty Robert Stuart, the independent researcher whose presentation on the ‘irregularities’ in the BBC Panorama episode ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ encouraged film producer and writer Victor Lewis-Smith to tear up his BBC contract in disgust, the terribly naughty Professor Tim Hayward, Professor of Environmental Political Theory and Director of the Just World Institute at the University of Edinburgh, naughty naughty Peter Ford, the UK’s ambassador to Bahrain 1999–2003 and to Syria 2003–2006, the absolutely naughty American journalist and broadcaster Patrick Henningsen, the founder of 21st Century Wire, and last, but by no means the least naughty, investigative journalist and photographer Vanessa Beeley who has been exceptionally naughty in reporting from inside Syria, Egypt and Palestine.

These naughty people are rude toward Semolina and must not be given platform for vulgarity.

“Gideon! Come along Gideon! Don’t dawdle…”
“Yes darling Sybil, coming! Don’t forget your handbag, knuckle dusters, flick knife will you dear…”

UNESCO World Press Freedom Day:

Insults between Gideon and Sybil!

CAA Chairman Gideon Faulty talks to the BBC about Jeremy Corbyn’s controversial visit



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