Let’s see how long “high minded liberals” can handle the crap they push on everyone, now that they have welcomed it at Starbucks! How long will Starbucks live? That is anyones guess.

A few months ago, a black guy walked into a Starbucks, started screaming about inequality and being treated badly there, and they gave him a free coffee. This cascaded to all kinds of black people getting free coffee. NOW, STARBUCKS HAS OFFICIALLY STATED A POLICY OF “ANYONE CAN BE HERE, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A PAYING CUSTOMER! ha ha ha, FAIL.

Let’s see here, who goes to Starbucks? Until they ruined their coffee with a flavor enhancer that gives me an instant three day headache, it used to be me. And I was the low life there, off in a corner – in with piles of snooty high paid liberals with their over priced tech items who were usually having business meetings, or “how are we going to do the pride run” planning, or the occasional “feel good about yourself while you rape the general public with the next brainwash campaign” discussion, – you know, those types.

I was usually there to work on the site, and just sat and typed for a few hours, quietly, wondering how long I could get away with stretching a coffee. Never once did I see anyone who tried to use the bathroom all pooped up after barfing up a heroin overdose and sleeping in it. Starbucks was usually pretty good about keeping those types out because you had to at least pay something to be there. NOT ANYMORE.

Quite frankly, I was irritated by people who would just pee their clothes at night while sleeping on a park bench, let it dry during the day, and then pee them the next night, let it dry during the day, day after day – if you have evern spent time in a big city you have seen that and there is no excuse for it, you don’t have to pee your clothes as a policy, there is always a way to avoid it. I spoke to one homeless guy who did not stink and he avoided stinking by putting a bottle in his pants when he needed to pee . . . . in Mexico City it is usually a bag they tie off neatly so it won’t leak and they throw it somewhere . . . . there is no excuse to pee your clothes EVER. And when people do that as a policy and then wear the same clothes for weeks, the stench is horrible.

What is going to happen at Starbucks, now that no one has to pay to be there? Easy answer: Once it catches on, all these people that stink to high heaven are going to go in there, use the bathroom, never really get clean, and then they will sit at a table somewhere and in the name of “political correctness and sympathy for the poor” the hypocrite liberals will tolerate one day, maybe two, and then they will be gone. All this crap they push about “acceptance” and “charity” and “equality” and whatever other term they come up with is going to ring hollow in ONE COFFEE, it all looks good as long as someone else has to pay for it, tolerate it, be wrecked by it, but just wait and see what happens after a few liberals actually have to cope with it.

PREDICTION: Starbucks will either get a dose of conservative common sense, or Starbucks will die. After they wrecked their coffee, I really don’t care what happens, though I can say I’ll laugh if they don’t learn before “you can be there without paying” kills them.

I am sure they really believe their customer base is open and accepting enough to deal with the consequences of such a policy, because it is predominantly liberal, and this move won’t damage them. They will quickly learn that they’ll die quicker than if their base was conservative, and they’d die either way, you have to run a business like a business, a “feel good” attitude won’t change that.

TAP – The Starbucks symbol is Mary Magdalene, sister/wife of King Izas/Jesus of Osrhoene.  Long hair, crown (four corners holding up the sky), fish tails (age of Pisces).  She founded The Orange Order, and was descended from Middle Eastern royalty.  All part of the control structure designed to kill you slowly with poisons, stress and confusion, and keep you firmly in your place as a pleb.  Find a local cafe that sources coffee from somewhere healthy and tastier.  Don’t be programmed.  Be independent.  Support independence in business,  not corporations, and grow your own independence of mind.


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