Gold-plated fracking regulations. No different to those supposedly gold-plated pensions.

Jo Corrie tells it like it is.

Here is the criminal (Pictured).

Read who he is at the foot of the post.

The government has done nothing to investigate the risks of fracking old coal mines, yet they are claiming that ‘gold standard’ regulations will protect the people from the hazards that lie a few hundreds of feet underground.  The fault lines are all documented in the records of the National Coal Board, and seismic events sufficient to destroy housing, schools, hospitals and so on, are known to be the certain result of fracking such fault lines.  Severe earthquakes will be inevitable if fracking goes ahead in these areas.  Gas supply lines will be broken.  Explosions will occur, that will inevitably kill people.

Are they nuts in our government?  Or just corrupt?

Such damage isn’t the concern of the developers who sit in nice City offices counting their money.  The losses will have to be paid for by you – from the public purse, not by the developers, who only care about making money.

Greed is overcoming common sense.

Detailed information of where the fault lines are located is being ignored.

The records are not digitised but kept on paper.   Yet the information is available, and could be digitised at very little cost.

The fracking areas being targeted are riddled with fault lines.  The Boland Shale runs from Cheshire all across the North Of England and over to Nottinghamshire.  It has been extensively mined for two hundred years, and the fault lines are well known.  Yet these are being 100% ignored by INEOS, CUADRILLA and the rest.  Regulations be damned.   Talk of regulation acting as some kind of reassurance is nonsense.  British Gas should be exposed as the geological criminals that they are.  See their chief executive below, who knows little about anything other than how much money he makes.  His promises about gold-plated pensions have been exposed. Now too look carefully at his reliance on ‘gold-plated’ regulations.  It’s the same guy, talking more of the same, while he walks off with the loot, and we all get ripped off – yet again.  Except this time, people will also be killed.

Centrica, (British Gas) are the developers at Preston New Rd, Lancashire, and they’re attempting to stop all lawful protest.  Let British Gas know they are about to commit a geological crime by ignoring the known risks of everything they’re proposing, and which they are deliberately ignoring.  Move your business away from them.  Call their customer services department and tell them that they are committing geological crime against our country.  It’s practically an act of war.  ‘Making a killing’ for British Gas, is a totally apt phrase.

British Gas’ Chief Executive is none other than Mr Mark Hodges.  His CV proudly boasts of his trip of greed across numerous industries where he stays only for a few years before moving on, leaving mayhem behind him.  People who thought they had gold-plated pensions might remember that phrase when he talks of gold-plated fracking regulations.


As a Board member of Centrica plc, Mark leads Energy Supply and Services in the UK and Ireland, and is also responsible for its global Connected Home business.

Under Mark’s leadership, British Gas is focused on delivering excellent customer service, keeping costs down, and driving growth through innovation.

He has a strong background in leading large customer-facing businesses and spent more than 20 years at Norwich Union and Aviva plc, where he served as UK Chief Executive.

Mark has a deep understanding of the consumer market and is experienced in leading businesses under high regulatory and political scrutiny. He has a track record of driving significant improvements in customer service, efficiency, innovation, IT and business transformation.

Before joining Centrica, Mark spent four years as Group CEO of Towergate Partnership, the specialist insurance broker. He took up his current role in June 2015.

TAP – In other words, he don’t give a shit about anyone or anything as long as he’s trousering loads of dosh however illegally acquired it may be.

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