AV9: Manifesting What You Need

Russell Brand’s nemesis? Thomas Sheridan. Beware the Christians taking over…

Trump’s Twitter is his wand
The spiritual: all energy is neutral
In your mind’s eye, your heart, 5G is gone! Let them destroy themselves.
‘They’ are idiots.
All energy is neutral at the point of zero.
How you respond is all that matters….


Here Thomas the pagan is posting the morning before his talk later at AV9. I know who he is referring to as ‘the Christians’; some people I greatly appreciate and enjoy the company of. However, I tend to side with Thomas; these isles were invaded by the Abrahamic belief system 2,000 years ago or more. A wonderful aspect of AV is contrasting ideas can be together at the same conference because there are more immediate challenges we all have common fight with whether the violation of children or the censorship of cancer treatment options. Thomas Sheridan was a highlight at AV9; he had people laughing as did one or two of the Christians he is referring to here. there were fun moments despite the heavy news and information.
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3 Responses to “AV9: Manifesting What You Need”

  1. Tapestry says:

    He’s right about much of it, but he obviously has not had any experiences of spiritual forces manifesting. Once you have that, you know that there is life after death, that communicating through prayer has effects (not subserviently but cooperatively or aggressively depending on the nature of the spirit being dealt with). Formal religion is a blockage on energetic human spirituality. Great talker he is and much to offer.

    • NPP says:

      Where attentions goes energy flows… I would think is true.
      I suspect Thomas would tell you he has had spiritual force experience… just my guess.
      He does not deny ‘life’ after death as far as I understand.
      He could do with losing a few pounds! Icke, Crane, Sheridan… all Göbeklitepe! Pot belly hills.

      His presentation was uplifting. Indeed, much to offer. Terrific sense of humour on stage.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The subconscious mind feeds the conscious 24 hours a day non-stop. While awake and while asleep. I notice when people you are close to die, they appear in your dreams the next day usually, and you receive some kind of message. My wife knows in advance when someone is going to die, not who it is, but she knows someone is about to go. It happens frequently. She also stirs up ghosts to manifest themselves with sound and movement, which I have witnessed. We had poulter gheists throwing pictures around the room during childhood. The spiritual world is full of activity. Prayer is a way to connect, and help trapped spirits and souls, and drive out demonic influences. Evil is present not only amongst the living. The battle between good and evil passes over to the spiritual realm after death.

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