AV9 ‘humbling’, says Ian Crane.

One speaker could not give his talk for legal reasons.  He had his bank accounts frozen, an extradition process of his partner, reporting on police bail, to France, where thousands of remand prisoners commit suicide every year.  Their crime is that they have developed a treatment to cancer.  Chemo and Radio therapy net the industry 90,000 pounds per patient.  CBD and THC in combination,  GCMaff (?), are just two very effective treatments for cancer.

They are trying to bring GCMaff onto the market.  They made laboratories which were raided by the Police with machine guns and closed down.  Employees treated by criminals and facing charges.

B17 Laetrile (Novodalin) is also a cure, and fasting as per ‘Fat For Fuel’ by Dr Mercola.  Do your own research.

Humanity is under a multidimensional attack by an elite who see us a little more than cattle, and themselves as their rightful rulers.

Extradition is a big threat to the producers of this cancer cure.  People need to be told about how they are stopping cancer cures deliberately.  The 1939 Cancer Act should be repealed, which stops anyone claiming they can cure cancer.  They are just trying to protect their obscene profits.


John Wedger moved people to tears what he described in his talk – the systemic child abuse and child prostitution that’s endemic in the child ‘care home’ system.  He’s tried to work on this for nine years and was released two months ago. Dealing with young people who are treated as a sexual toy, with no support to help them in any way.  He’s been giving interviews on UK Column and elsewhere.

The ruling parasites don’t want people to know there are cures for cancer which they are suppressing, and that they support systemic child abuse.  Nottinghamshire Police incarcerate anyone who speaks out about it all, in solitary confinement.

Also fracking.  5G frequencies are very dangerous to humanity – phased array emfs providing the establishment with 3d radar of people.  Nose bleeds, headaches, late term miscarriages.

Isle of Wight is a test bed for 5G – military battlefield technology.  Come on Icke.  Let’s hear it.





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  1. NPP says:

    Indeed David Icke. Isle of Wight. 5G?

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