Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 073/078

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Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 067/072

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T further added, “As well as sharing the Piri Reis map with the world, Atatürk also took interest in the ancient civilisation of Mu which was said to have been located within the Pacific Ocean and influenced the Chinese, Native Americans and created the mysterious statues on Easter Island. At least he pondered the subject rather than not; a wise thing to do I might suggest.”

Mrs. T pointed out, “We and the statues on Easter Island hold our hands together in similar fashion…”

Arther: “Mu? It sounds like a cow! Did he believe in mermaids too?”




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Without missing a beat Mr. T responded, “Oh, mermaids are real Arther. There’s the Kız Kulesi Princess Mermaid for a start, but that’s another story.”

T took Arther to the scene, just like that.




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… and just like that, back again!

Arther was impressed, “It’s amazing how you do that.”

T was matter of fact, “Well, it gives you the picture and a picture can paint a thousand words… so there you go, mermaids can be real!”

Arther was still impressed, “It might be fun to see BBC David Rottenborough explain his Darwinian theory around her. I assume she was a her and not some kind of gender fluid fish god!”

Arther remembered being instructed to watch the Rottenborough BBC epically tedious Life On Earth for homework as a school boy. It was one of those cases whereby most others were in awe while Arther had been bored to sobs. It’s unlikely the likes of Michael Cremo will be invited to Rottenborough’s expensive productions any time soon.



Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure on Tap Blog. A spontaneous social media story experiment originally tested on FakeBook 19 November 2017. Gobeklitepe is an ancient megalith site on the Turkish-Syrian border said to be at least 11,600 years old. Is it just a bunch of old stones stood in Turkish soil or a game changer for a myriad of reasons? This story aims to explore the possible implications and touch upon issues and subject matter posted about on Tap Blog.

Continued at… Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 079/084

Arther & Ayse’s Gobeklitepe Adventure 079/084


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